Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Anais Anais by Cacharel

RRP: £21.00/30ml of eau de toilette; £25.00/30ml of eau de parfum

--What does the promo say?--
"Since her birth 25 years ago, Anais Anais has expressed the spirit of youth and femininity. She has captured the hearts of millions of young girls and women with her unique fresh floral blend. Inspired by the lily, Anais Anais is a true modern classic. It combines a fresh burst of hyacinth, orange blossom and jasmine with the intense scent of Virginia cedarwood, Bourbon vetiver and musky sandalwood."

The bottle is small, squat, and somewhat quaint with its white and silver colour combination. The flowers are shown in pink and the Cacharel logo is shown in white or black. The lid is a screw top lid and comes in silver. It's quite sweet and feminine, but in this modern age may not appeal to all women and girls. However, of those it does appeal to, it should appeal to all ages. The bottle is small enough to comply with new hand baggage regulations, though I'd say it's probably better to have the spray from a travel point of view. I've never taken my screw top Anais Anais on holiday with me and I'd be wary of doing so.

Depends on the one you have. Either undo the screw top and dab a little directly onto your wrist, or pull off the lid and spray onto the desired area.

As I've said in one of my other reviews here, I don't know enough about botany to know whether it really does smell of all the things they say. However, I do know that the scent is just lovely. It's very light, not at all overbearing, and (so I've been told) very seductive...

I haven't formally tested this one for longevity at the time of writing, but will edit when I have. I know for sure that it lasts for at least a whole morning without having to reapply, meaning you should only have to reapply once a day if at all.

--Value for money--
I didn't actually buy mine, so I feel pretty impartial on this, but as far as perfume prices go, I'd say this is a pretty reasonable price - especially for a classic that's sustained the public interest for at least 25 years. It seems to go about as far and last about as long as most other perfumes I own. However, I wouldn't pay as much as they ask for the deodorant equivalent.

--Other comments--
I actually have a lot of respect for the company for not capitalising on the public's clear love for this product by jacking up the price. There are many perfumes out there that are twice as expensive without being half as loved. The scent is inexplicably pretty and sexy. I will be buying this again.

perfect partners
Anais Anais Body Lotion, £19.50/200ml
Anais Anais Bath and Shower Gel, £17.00/200ml
Anais Anais Deodorant Body Spray, £14.50/150ml

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