Monday, 20 August 2007

Benefit Dandelion

RRP: £22.50 for 10g

--What is it?--
Contrary to popular belief, Dandelion is not a blusher. To the contrary, it's intended to be used as an all-over face powder to 'set' your makeup or just to give you an English-rose glow on the days when you don't want to wear makeup. Benefit describes it as "soft, pink, perk-me-up powder for instant radiance and a youthful appearance".

As per Benefit's usual trend, it's gorgeous. The pale olive green box is c. 5cm square and 2-3cm deep, and it has a simple 50s-style line drawing of a dandelion, tinted pink, on the lid, with the word 'dandelion' written in white and the Benefit logo written in black. They also give you a free brush to apply the powder with, that sits neatly on a plastic tray inside the box on top of the powder. The brush has a black handle and the bristles on the brush are pretty soft for a freebie. However, the box is made from cardboard, and I've heard from others who have had their Dandelion for longer that the box soon falls apart.

Simply use the brush provided (or your own brush, whichever) and sweep the powder all over your face, starting with the apples of your cheeks.

In the box the powder looks very pink, which is possibly why people have mistaken it for a blusher in the past. However, on your face it's very subtle with tiny particles of glitter. As a blusher it would have very little effect as it's so pale. On my pale skin this powder works well, but if you have darker skin you may prefer Georgia or Hoola from the Benefit powder range.

Soft, silky and with very fine particles. On the face it also feels very smooth.

Not bad, but you'd benefit (ha, ha, see what I did there?) from another application around lunchtime, just to keep your glow looking even.

--Value for money--
Excellent. There is more powder in the box than there first appears and I've heard of people who have had theirs for 1-2 years. However, I'm sure there are other products on the market that do the exact same thing, and I'm very cynical about this brand generally: I've found cheaper alternatives that are just as good in almost all cases, and I'm sure you're just paying for the funky packaging most of the time.

--Does it do what it says on the box?--
I'd say so, yes. I feel and look fresher when I'm wearing it and it definitely helps to keep any other makeup that you're wearing in place.

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