Thursday, 23 August 2007

No7 Shine-Free Makeup Base

RRP: £9.25/40ml
--What does the promo say?--
"No7 Shine Free Make-Up Base stops shine for a matte finish. All day matte... keep shiny skin under control all day long, with this mattifying oil-free base. Light-reflecting particles help disguise fine lines and flaws, while oil-absorbing Biopol helps minimise blemishes and blot away shine without blocking pores. With watermelon and cucumber extracts to help soothe and cool your skin. Hypo-allergenic."

Comes in a white, square-ish tube with the No7 logo and basic product information on the front in silver font. Doesn't stand up on the base as the lid is quite slender. Nice simple packaging.

Squeeze the tube gently until a small amount of the product appears at the tip of the tube. Apply all over face (though I don't know that I'd recommend putting it on your eyelids - there are more specialist eyelid primers available that are probably more sensitive) and rub in.

The primer is a white lotion with a vaguely pearlised appearance. On the face, it blends perfectly with the skin, leaving no residue. It does exactly what it says on the tube, combatting shine before applying makeup. I've even used this when I'm not even going to wear any makeup at all as it does its job so well.

It is a lotion, but it errs more on the side of stiff than runny. It might sound a bit strange but it really does work very well.

--How does it feel on the skin?--
Light and refreshing. Doesn't weigh your skin down at all or make you feel like you're wearing more makeup than you actually are.

--Value for money--
It is perhaps a little on the expensive side - there are probably other primers out there that are cheaper while being just as good. However, Boots do good deals on their No7 stuff quite often (3 for 2 etc) so you may be able to save some money. I'm open to experimentation, though, for the purposes of comparison if nothing else.

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