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T-Zone Face Pore Strips

RRP: £4.99 for 6 strips

--Background--(from the T-Zone website)
"Product Category
Deep Cleansing

Product Type

What is it?
Face Strips

What does it do?
Sticks to blackheads, dirt and grease and lifts them clean away.
Removes the bacteria that can irritate the pores.
Clears pores to help prevent future break-outs.
Specially shaped to target chin and forehead pores.

Who is it for?
Anyone with oily, combination or spot prone skin who wants to target blackheads, open pores or impurities especially on the chin and forehead.

When do I use it?
Use once every 3 days to deep clean your pores.

How do I use it?
Wash your face with T-Zone Face Wash or Cleanser.
Wet the target area.
Peel off the backing paper and apply face strip to chin or forehead.
Ensure face strip is firmly pressed down onto the skin.
Leave for around 10 minutes until the strip is starting to dry then gently lift away the edges to remove strip from face.

Product to use with
Cleanse your face first with Clear Pore Gel Face Wash or Oil Control Foaming Face Wash or Clear Pore Anti-bacterial Cleanser - to remove grease, oil and bacteria that can cause spots before applying the Face Pore Strip. Follow with Oil Control Moisture Lotion - to restore the natural moisture levels to the skin."

Author's product rating: 2/5

How does it affect your skin? It is very gentle / nice

Does it dehydrate your skin? No

Value for money Poor

Advantages: Occasionally remove blackheads

Disadvantages: On the whole very disappointing

Recommend to potential buyers: no

As someone who's suffered from problem skin for c.10 years, I'm at the stage where I'll try anything to get rid of my spots (whether that's from my GP or over-the-counter). While my current medication from my GP has helped my skin on its way to being clearer, my blackheads were still refusing to budge, so I needed some pore strips. I was encouraged by T-Zone's claim on the box that it contained natural anti-bacterial ingredients, and I thought that even though it was a little pricey for what it was (£4.99 for 6 strips!), I couldn't come to much harm by giving it a try.

The company has a very distinctive brand image with its bright teal/turquoise and orange boxes. The brand itself has also been around for a while, so I suppose I trusted the brand. The colours are very fresh and positive, which helps with the company's overall image and fits well with their products.

The smell is not at all unpleasant - smells of tea tree and eucalyptus type smells.I soon discovered that for the size of the area I was treating, I could cut the pads in half and so make the box last double the time. The strips are stuck to pieces of plastic, and they won't gum up your scissors if you do want to shape the strips to your needs. So far, so good.

The strips are also very easy to apply: just wet the area concerned, peel the strip from the backing plastic, and stick it on your face. Leave until it goes hard (10-15 mins I guess), and then rip it off. The strip comes right off and isn't painful to remove - it's less painful than ripping off a plaster, for example - and it doesn't irritate or dehydrate the skin

Unfortunately, despite all these positive factors, the results are very variable. On my first couple of attempts, I could see the results on the strip that I'd just ripped from my face (i.e. it was pretty clear that the blackheads were no longer on my face!). Now, I don't know if my blackheads have built up a resistance to the product or something (stubborn little buggers), but now I rip the strip off and NOTHING HAPPENS. The blackheads are still on my face, exactly where they shouldn't be. I first noticed this on the last strips I used, so about halfway through the pack - and I've still got 2 out of the original 6 left. I was also surprised at the blackheads' speed at reoccurring, particularly since the T-Zone strips apparently contain tea tree, which is meant to prevent this.

I definitely won't be buying this again, and to be honest, I can't understand how T-Zone has managed to survive as a brand for so long if these minimal effects are what is usual for their products. They're pretty pricey for something that doesn't work and I just feel annoyed that I got duped into believing yet another acne treatment brand's empty promises.

(this review was originally published on Ciao)

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