Saturday, 25 August 2007

Lush Bare Naked Lady Dusting Powder

RRP: £5.95 for 3.5 oz

--What is it?--
A natural alternative to talcum powder, with far fewer chemicals.

Key: Black = Safe Synthetic Products; Green = Natural and/or Organic Products

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Carbonate, Calamine Powder, Perfume, Golden Glitter (Polyethylene terephthalate and FD&C Yellow No.5), Rose Absolute (Rosa centifolia)

--What does the promo say?--
"Like all dusting powders, this is best applied when bare naked, Let the sparkling, rose scented powder fall on and get in between your nooks and crannies. Fight the urge to remain nude for the rest of the day - go out and seduce someone instead."

The image shown above is from the USA Lush website (the UK Lush website is down at the moment) and the packaging is only slightly different - in the UK it's a sort of shocking pink colour pot with a black lid, but all other details remain the same, with the name of the product and the Lush logo on the front of the pot, and all other information going round the label. The top is slideable so that you can sprinkle just a little on your body, or stick your fingers right in there for something more full-on. Packaging seems secure and not something that would send dusting powder all over your suitcase or bottom drawer.

After a bath or shower, towel yourself dry thoroughly and then sprinkle a little powder wherever desired on your body and rub in. Not recommended for face.

The powder is white with tiny sparkles. When rubbed into the body, there is no white residue (unless of course you use too much) but the sparkles remain (though not enough to make you look like a Vegas showgirl!). There will be no white residue on your clothes from this product as it seems to rub onto the skin easily.

They claim it smells of roses, but I don't know enough about botany to know if it really does smell of roses. Smells nice and floral, anyway. The scent is light and not overbearing.

The powder is soft and not at all claggy.

--How does your skin feel?--
Very soft and smooth, doesn't irritate the skin, and of course it looks nice and sparkly too! Bonus!

This product will in all likelihood rub off throughout the day. However, it seems to bear up quite well as far as talcs/dusting powders go.

--Value for money--
Excellent - you don't need to use much of this product per application and even though I've used my pot many times, there's still plenty left. However, I'd agree with some reviewers on the US site that a free dusting pad or puff would be nice with this product. This is an excellent natural alternative to talcum powder and I'd definitely buy it (or any other Lush dusting powder) again.

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