Thursday, 30 August 2007

Sephora Colorful Duo

RRP: €10,90 or $16
# of shades available: 10

--What does the promo say?--
"Each of these pocket-sized duos contains a shimmering, sheer creme shadow that can be applied alone on the lids, cheeks, or lips, plus a complementary powder shadow for layering, highlighting, and contouring. Enriched with green tea to soothe the delicate eye area. Suggested use: apply cream shade over the entire lid as a base, then layer the powder shade over the cream for a multi-dimensional effect and longwearing color. Powder shades can also be used to contour the lid and crease. Cream shades can also be applied to cheeks and lips as a highlighter."

A small, round, circular black plastic box with a little window so that you can see the shades of the pressed-powder eyeshadow, and the brand name and the name of the product written on the window in black. Simple but effective. Though I'll be honest, it's a flip top lid, and while this is great from the point of view that it won't fall open in your handbag and wreck your stuff, it has no grip on the front of the lid whatsoever for you to grab hold of when you're trying to open it. It's not impossible to open, but occasionally it's been a bit of a challenge. You have been warned.

You just treat it like any other eyeshadow - apply to the eyelid using your finger, or a brush (wet or dry). However, for reasons stated under 'texture', I wouldn't second their recommendation of using the creme on the cheeks and lips.

I have Coral Harmony 04, the pink/gold combination. The pink looks nice in the box, but on the eyelid it's practically invisible, whether it's worn with or without its gold companion - all you can see is the glitter rather than the colour itself. This is OK with me as I like glitter, but I thought it was worth mentioning. It's still very pretty but if you were after a little more pinkness you might be disappointed. It is quite glittery, so go easy with it.

Honestly? Until I'd read the promo I did not realise that one was meant to be a creme and one was meant to be a powder. So I went to the bathroom just now to have another look, and after poking at the shadow a couple of times (before thinking I'd better stop before I wasted the shadow), I can confirm I am not totally dense. I could see/feel absolutely no difference whatsoever. They both feel very powdery rather than creme-like, but not brittle and not heavy. I like the texture of the powder, but I think that if they advertise it as creme and powder then they should make more of an effort for it to be so, or change their advertising.

Doesn't crease, but this could be because it's mostly glitter.

--Value for money--
Despite the failings in the product's packaging and general advertising, I do still like this eyeshadow very much. You're getting two very nice colours for under £10, and the glitter is very flattering (boyfriend complimented me on it, and he doesn't normally notice differences in the makeup I use). Plus, it's far far cheaper than buying the two exact same colours from Nars in two separate mono shadows (which is what I was going to do before I saw this in the shop, and which would have set me back an eye-watering 46 euros/approx £35-£38). So I believe that puts us up to:
designer brands (Benefit and Nars): 0 Sephora's own brand: 2

On the whole, I think you pay a very good price for what you get in this eyeshadow (if you don't mind glitter, that is!) and I would definitely buy it again.

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