Friday, 31 August 2007

Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Eye and Lip Cream

RRP: 117,10 euros/$155/£80.00 for 0.5oz/15ml

--What does the promo say?--
"The longevity of the Orchid now captured in an extraordinary Eye & Lip Cream. The protective and regenerative benefits of the extract restore firmness, suppleness, density and hydration to these particularly delicate areas:
• Targets under-eye puffiness and dark circles with autofocus reflectors that light up the eye area.
• A tightening agent creates an instant rested look around the eyes.
• Crow's-feet are immediately smoothed."

Now, mine is a sample that I got free from a shop (please don't think I'm rich enough to buy this stuff, I'm a poor student after all...), so the packaging is totally different. Mine is in a small tube about the length of my thumb with a screw top lid. The entire tube and lid is gold with all of the product information in navy blue. As far as I can tell, the real thing comes in a glass pot with a gold and blue lid, the pot itself being transparent - through it you can see a smaller blue pot in which the cream is kept. All in all very opulent and expensive-looking and surprisingly not at all gaudy, though clearly aimed at older women. (Would I offend anyone if I hazarded my guess at age 45+?!)

Easy really. Just take out a really tiny amount of the cream - think an amount roughly the same size as a pinhead - and apply to the eyelid and to the under-eye area using your fingers. You can also apply it to your lips, but personally I think there are better lip creams out there.

You almost expect to glow from such an expensive cream. No glowing, but it did sink into the skin extremely well - hence it was invisible once applied to the eye area. The cream itself is almost pure white with no iridescence.

On the eye you can't feel it at all. On my finger it seemed slightly watery, but not much, and overall I'd say it's extremely gentle. It's a bit too watery for the lips.

It's utterly odourless, which is sort of disappointing given how much they seem to rely on the whole orchid thing.

--Does it do what it says it does?--
I've been using it as a sort of eye primer while I've been waiting for my Benefit Lemon Aid to arrive from ebay, and it does this very well. Their claims for what it will do seem pretty outlandish: 'instant rested look', 'immediate smoothing of crow's feet' - sorry, my fine wrinkles just under my eyes are still there, unsurprisingly. Nothing is immediate or instant. Why? Because it's an eye cream, it's not magic. Over time it *may* make a difference but I somehow doubt it. The only claim that seems plausible is the rehydration claim.

--Value for money--
Well, it seems nice enough, and you really don't need to use much at a time so I'm guessing one pot would last the distance. However, I have a sneaky suspicion that other eye creams would do the job just as well, if not better, and there's something in my blood that prevents me from thinking that spending £80 on an eye cream is sensible. But do you know what the best bit is? My little free 2ml tube helped me decide that there's no way I should ever buy this, and if 15ml costs £80, then technically I just got £10.50's worth of product for nothing. Sweet.

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