Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Atrixo Enriched Hand Moisturising Cream

RRP: £2.49/100ml

A small, turquoise and pale yellow plastic tub that's just the right size to pop in your handbag. The Atrixo logo and the basic product information is on the lid in dark blue. Simple design that all ages would find appealing.

--What does the promo say?--
"Atrix is the handcare specialist with highly effective products. Atrix offers products for different needs, e.g. to protect your hands, repair chapped hands and to intensively moisturise dry hands."

Using your fingers, extract a small amount of cream from the tub and rub into your hands. Repeat throughout the day as often as needed.

The cream itself is pale yellow. When it's rubbed into the hands, there is no visible residue.

The cream is the perfect consistency - not too runny, not too stiff. When rubbed into the hands, there is no greasiness, only softness.

--Does it do what it promises?--
It promises to soothe and soften your hands, and it definitely does that. I first tried it on my housemate's recommendation when I mentioned my dry hands last winter. The dryness that had unexplainably appeared (though I assume it had something to do with the cold weather) disappeared and stayed away within a couple of days, and it felt lovely on my hands during the winter, so I used it throughout the season.

--Value for money--
Fab - you only need a small amount, it works very well and is affordable. It's also available everywhere, perhaps most notably in Boots, so no need to faff about paying delivery charges online :)

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