Sunday, 14 November 2010

Almost got enough for that Crème de la Mer hamper you've had your eye on...?

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Or maybe not? With the David Linley Keepsake Box and its Crème de la Mer contents retailing at a bank-busting £795, it's enough to make any beauty lover's credit card cry. But all of your luxury beauty dreams (and indeed any other) may be about to come true thanks to Paypal, who are offering you the chance to win £40,000. It's the equivalent of a year's salary for some, and all you have to do to enter is to shop with Paypal in order to automatically receive a ticket for the draw. So what would you do with £40,000? Would you head straight for the Bond No 9, Chantecaille and Crème de la Mer counters? Would you spend it on a series of pampering facials at top class spas around the world? Or finally get that liposuction you've always wanted? It's easy to see how £40,000 could quickly go on making you look and feel more beautiful.

Then there's always the possibility of making yourself feel more beautiful from the inside out: spending the money on fun times with friends and family is another good place to start.

Perhaps best of all, this draw is weekly, so you have plenty of chances to win, as the more times you buy, the more opportunities you get to be in with a shout at the cash. Find out more at

So feel free to start shopping with Paypal - and fantasising about what you'd do with the money. Five links to get you started: (RéVive Skincare) (Clé de Peau Beauté) (La Prairie) (Chantecaille) (Crème de la Mer)


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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

No7 Stay Perfect Matte Top Coat

--What does the promo say?--
"This year, we're unveiling the amazing matte coat that leaves nails looking like they just stepped off a catwalk. The sans-shine look popped up at a show after show and with this clear miracle, you can add edge to any base shade.
Simply apply over dry polish, just one coat is enough to achieve knock out nails."

Fairly standard stuff from No7 here. Whether that's dull and boring or classic and sophisticated really depends on you. The gold writing on the bottle is not only pretty and festive but is also readable and provides the essential information in few words.

Apply the nail colour of your choice first and then leave it to dry. Once dry, apply this top coat. One go-round should suffice.

Inside the bottle, the varnish looks weird - part white and part clear - with the parts clearly separated, as if the varnish is old and doesn't mix properly. However, this is no worry when actually applying the top coat as application is clear and cohesive. Not only this, but the visual effect delivers as promised: the result is a near-instant mattifying of your chosen colour for a modern, funky look that is seriously impressive.

You want that traditional nail-varnish pear drop anaesthetic type smell? You got it.

--Texture and consistency--
In spite of the initially worrying appearance of the product inside the bottle, as described above, this does not translate into stickiness or difficulties in application. The polish glides on smoothly and is quick to dry.

While the promised effects are there, what we need to remember is that the primary purpose of a top coat is to protect your colour and make it last longer. Sadly, this product does not really do this - I noticed chips within a day or two.

--Value for money--
At £6.75, this is not horrifically expensive, but lamentably it's not the perfect product yet. I'd say it needs to go back to the drawing board so that it will make your colour last longer before it can really help you 'stay perfect' and thus merit its price tag.

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