Thursday, 5 January 2012

JML Pedi Pro Deluxe

RRP: £19.99

--What does the promo say?--
"Pedi Pro Deluxe is a professional pedicure treatment that fits in the palm of your hand. This electronic personal bodycare system has a high-speed rotating head, with hundreds of ultra fine micro-crystals. The head quickly, but gently, removes dead and hard calloused skin, while exfoliating and rejuvenating your feet. The result? Silky smooth, soft soles that feel like they've just stepped out of the salon. Pedi Pro Deluxe has 2 different speed settings, and comes with buffing pads that will give your feet the perfect finishing touch. Skin shavings collect in the in-built storage tray, so there's absolutely no mess. Safe and easy to use, Pedi Pro Deluxe is the perfect at home salon solution to dry cracked skin on your feet, toes and heels."

The ergonomic design of the appliance means it sits very well in your hand, and while large (probably the size of your hand!) it's easy to hold. The hot pink plastic means it seems to be very much aimed at women, so even though it's superficial, bringing it out in other colours, such as black, could help it reach a wider market. While it's not always easy to fit all the parts together initially, the appliance is easy to operate thanks to a switch with three settings (full blast, half strength, and off). All of the blades and accessories can be stored with the appliance in its accompanying hot pink drawstring bag.

--Usage instructions--
Push the switch to half strength initially until you get more of a feel for how the appliance works. While the whirring and buzzing does sound terrifying at first, when you put the spinning blade to the soles of your feet it really is as promised: just a gentle buffing away of dead skin akin to the procedures and equipment used by professional podiatrists. Use on dry feet only (i.e. not when you've just stepped out of the shower!) and you may also find it helpful to use it while standing in the shower: while the appliance itself will catch most of the dead skin, some excess does fall outside of this area.

--Effects on the feet--
Just as it says on the tin, dead skin (even really thick layers of it) is gently but quickly buffed away.

--Recommendations for improvement--
This appliance runs on batteries, and I prefer mains-powered appliances, so would prefer a version of the product that plugs into the wall to recharge, even if this makes the product more expensive. I'd also recommend that a version of the product is released that is more like a pen shape (or, alternatively, that an attachment for the current product is trialled), as this is also what's used by podiatrists to get to the sides of the toes and in between toes more easily.

--Value for money--
A great value electrical appliance that does exactly what it promises, is near-equivalent to equipment used by professional podiatrists, is affordable, and is an excellent step up from JML's previous product on this theme, the Ped Egg. Brava!

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