Sunday, 6 March 2011

JML Magic Minerals Mineral Powder

RRP: £29.99
--What does the promo say?--
"The only make up you’ll ever need.
Change the way you apply your make up forever, with Magic Minerals from JML. Created by make up expert Jerome Alexander, the amazing Mineral Powder works as a foundation, corrector and concealer all-in-one. Its unique built-in colour correctors make skin imperfections magically disappear while its ultra-fine formula glides on gently and hides the appearance of age spots, dark circles and even breakouts. Unlike other foundations, Magic Minerals allows you to build up coverage to achieve the look you want, without it ever looking heavy or caked on.
  • Foundation, corrector and concealer all-in-one
  • Perfect, even coverage
  • Hypoallergenic with natural SPF
  • Fragrance and talc free
  • One shade suits everyone
  • Ultra fine; won’t get caught in wrinkles, lines and creases. 
  •  Suitable for light to medium skin tones."
A robust black plastic square which, unlike a lot of high street powders, has a really good size of mirror included in the lid. Mine also came with the brush, which is sometimes included as part of special deals at JML but also retails separately on the site at £7.99. Sadly the brush is terrible and does not live up to the 'professional quality' tag attached to it: the bristles are really coarse and started falling out of the brush from the very first use. Nevertheless, it does pick up and hold the powder well during application without sending it everywhere.

Swirl the brush across the powder palette and sweep over face after applying any other base products such as foundation or concealer. Nothing tricky about that.

I was a little concerned that in spite of the product being pegged as being suitable for light to medium skin tones, it would be too dark on me, as in the palette the powder appeared quite orange. However, I need not have worried, as it did indeed match my skin tone perfectly. The powder is also speckled in the palette with small dots of bronze, white, green, pink, yellow and purple, which are colours used in powders by many companies to help counteract the effects of lines, redness and scars - so while it may look odd if you're not used to this kind of product, be assured that there is a method to the madness.

None - as promised.

--Texture and consistency--
Again, as promised, it is a fine powder which does not cake or weigh heavily on the skin.

--Effects on the skin--
Sadly, the product does not deliver on the miracle effects described in its promotional materials. I applied this over bare skin and saw no difference at all, but held out hope that once I had applied all of my usual concealer and foundation that I would see a difference (as a long-term acne sufferer I do accept that I am quite a special case). However, the difference was only minimal - a long way from being the holy grail of a "foundation, concealer and corrector all-in-one". Plus, the product just did not provide the radiance and coverage that I see from my usual choice (Arbonne's Sheer Pressed Powder). All in all an underwhelming experience.

--Value for money--
The price tag is outrageous and astronomical - which would be fine if it worked. There is far too little effect for the money paid (and for that money you expect real wow-factor stuff) for a product by a designer that nobody has heard of. Products in the same price bracket (£25-£30) include the Arbonne powder mentioned above (£26), as well as powders by such luminaries as Lancôme, Guerlain (their Meteorites refills and travel versions - I suspect the inspiration for this product - retail at £30 and under from Slapiton and ScentStore) and Bobbi Brown, who all produce wow-factor results at the makeup counter. While JML offers a few slightly more lucrative deals on its website (go for the Special TV Deal, for instance, and you'll get the powder with a blusher, mascara, makeup brush and explanatory brochure - all still for £29.99), you would be better off giving this a miss altogether and going for one of the big-name brands mentioned above, or to a minerals specialist, such as PurMinerals (starter kit: £26), or pressed powders from Bellapierre (£29 from House of Fraser) or Youngblood (£30). 

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad I came across this review...just saved me twenty quid.thanks :)

BiancaP said...

You're welcome vix - glad I helped! Thanks for stopping by :)

emma sheehan said...

yes i agree, i did not see any difference after using this product. there is very little if any coverage with it.

GG said...

Hi, was just about to whip out my credit card on the JML website (£44.98!) ... thought I would check out the reviews first and came across yours. Thank you, have saved myself the disappointment and a lot of money! GG

BiancaP said...

You're welcome GG - have a great day and good luck finding a product to suit you! You too Emma :)

Susie said...

I bought this today and am very disappointed. The brush is very bad quality,as for the powder..I looked 10 yrs older and deathly pale. it was so awful, I actually started laughing at myself in the bathroom mirror.
I use Elizbeth Arden mineral powder as the norm, and its great, but just got roped in by the advert for this. I will stick with Liz!!

Susie said...

I bought this today and am very disappointed. The brush is very bad quality,as for the powder..I looked 10 yrs older and deathly pale. it was so awful, I actually started laughing at myself in the bathroom mirror.
I use Elizbeth Arden mineral powder as the norm, and its great, but just got roped in by the advert for this. I will stick with Liz!!

BiancaP said...

Hi Susie

Thanks for your comment - I'm sure it will help others.

Thanks as well for the Elizabeth Arden recommendation - I'll look into it!


suzanne said...

my mother bought the magic minerals for myself my daughter and herself. we are all different skin tones etc. we all love the product. i am very pale skinned with redness and circles under my eyes. you just keep applying the powder until you get the coverage you need. you can look pale but you just have to add your colour as in blush etc. it lasts all day and the 3 of us love it. no shine, no sliding off. brilliant. xx

BiancaP said...

Hi Suzanne

Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad the product seems to work for some people. I'm afraid I found that even adding blush etc is not enough by way of compensation for this product's shortcomings - but I'm glad you are enjoying it :)


jennyh said...

I have just applied this as per instructions, and I am not sure if it was the cheap brush but i ended up with a green/grey face! Think I will save this for halloween!

wish I had seen your review first!


ooooo said...

I think it's a great product

Anonymous said...

I used the magic minerals face powder and it covered my spots well. Although I feel my Avon minerals look more natural. I received a free mascara with the order and it was empty. I like the product OK but I pay less and get a better result from the Avon minerals.

Steno Doll said...

I was literally filling out the online order form and googled for a promo code and found your review by accident. What a happy accident! Thank you for your great review, but I'm sorry the product didn't work for you. (Thanks for saving a lot of us money!)


Tiffany Carolanne said...

Great review! I also reviewed this product here:

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bianca.

You've just saved me a fortune.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bianca

You've saved me a fortune.

BiancaP said...

Hi girls, thanks for visiting! Great review, Tiffany, and I'm glad I was able to help you, Jayne. Enjoy the rest of the summer ladies :)

Unknown said...

Just was about to buy the product of the TV.. thank goodness I seen this review.

U have bad acne too and its murder to cover at times.

Thanks Rachel

Unknown said...

Hello I was just about to buy it off the TV glad I never.

I have problems with acne too its murder.

Save me £20.

Unknown said...

If your looking for a mineral powder. Use BareEscentuals BareMinerals. I have horrible acne and their products do wonders! And if your concerened about their price just google the product you want or go on ebay.

Unknown said...

I have just come across this blog and am amazed by how many people have not bought the product because of it...firstly, you DON'T put the product on with the brush, you use the compact sponge and layer it on to your skin, THEN you use the brush to buff it....hey presto, perfect light coverage that hides age spots, doesn't settle in wrinkles and lasts all day!
No i don't get paid by jerome alexander but i do think people should learn how to use it before giving a negative review!

BiancaP said...

Hi Ellie

Thanks for stopping by.

A few comments in response to yours:

You'll notice that this post is a little old (2011), and so I think it's pertinent to mention that when I wrote it, the product did not come with a sponge. If it had, I would have mentioned this and certainly tested the product using it. To therefore say that my review is inaccurate because of NOT mentioning the sponge seems a little unfair.

Secondly, for what it's worth, I don't think that using a sponge would make a significant difference to the result from what I consider to be an inferior product. I'm sorry if you don't agree with my assessment of the product. You will notice that I did give a very positive review to the Jerome Alexander mascara and that on the whole I like JML's products (I have given several positive reviews to products from them).

Beauty blogs exist so that consumers have somewhere to go to get honest opinions (again, from ordinary consumers) beyond the often Photoshopped sheen of advertising. If I think a product is brilliant, I will say so. Equally, if I don't think a product comes up to standard, I will say so. I have given bad reviews and good reviews to cheap and expensive products alike. People reading this blog can therefore choose after reading it whether or not they wish to purchase a particular product. Chances are they will not just read my blog before doing so, anyway.

Thanks in any case for stopping by, and I hope you'll be back here again in future.


Unknown said...

I got this as a Christmas present. I am totally thrilled with it, it covers the dark patches under and the redness around my nose. I will be buying more of it

Pip said...

I am 61 years old and recently bought the product when visiting my daughter in England for 9.99 at Boots. Excellent value for money and I am delighted in the product. My youngest is studying Somatology and even she commented on how well it covered. It lasts all day and does not rub off on a tissue. Great stuff!


MLBEECH said...

Hi Bianca. You mentioned Bobbi Brown products in your blog, I just wanted everyone to know that I purchased my first Bobbi Brown products and tjey are definitely worth the money, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, creme eyeshadow stick, and make up remover!!! Awesome, especially if you can catch the kit as I did, saves a lot of money!!!! Love your blog, thanks for the information.

BiancaP said...


Thanks for your compliments. Bobbi Brown remains a super brand.

Sorry that the blog has been a bit dormant lately. Will try to do better in 2017!