Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Lee Stafford Coco Loco with Agave Shine Mask


RRP: £7.99 for 200ml (20ml travel version £1.99)

--What does the promo say?--

"An Intensive Treatment designed to bring hair back to life. This moisturising Coconut Mask with Hydrolyzed Milk Protein and Agave essence, works to reduce protein loss, strengthen hair and prevent breakage. Moisturising, strengthening, smoothing. Enhances shine. New tropical Coconut and Agave fragrance."


Mine arrived from Lee Stafford's PR in a neat little 20ml sachet, which is perfect for travel. For at home use, you can buy a whole pot of the stuff with a practical screw-top lid. Both capitalise on the range's pale pink colour scheme and position images of the product's key ingredients prominently. The "Coco Loco" element of the logo is embossed onto the packaging in shiny gold letters, adding a further luxurious feel.


Smooth through wet hair after shampooing. Use around 20mls-worth through your entire head of hair, smoothing it through to the end. Leave in for 5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly; you can also follow up with conditioner if you like, but I didn't find it was necessary.


A pale pink lotion which leaves no visible residue on the hair.


As promised, very coconutty, and as such immediately evocative of summer holidays, without going full suntan lotion on you.

--Texture and consistency--

Sumptuously thick without being lumpy, and smooths through hair easily, without sliding out during the treatment time. Conversely, when you want to wash it out, this is not tricky at all, with no sticky residue.

--Effects on the hair--

Hair definitely felt softer and fluffier, and visibly voluminised and shinier. Does everything it promises! I also found I could go longer between hair washes (always a blessing when you have longer hair) when using this product.

--Value for money--

The large pot of this contains 200ml, or approximately 10 uses. This comes to 79p a use - definitely worth your dosh. While the single-use sachets are more expensive than this, they're great for pimping your hairdo while travelling, and I would still thoroughly recommend them as an affordable treat that has the desired effect. Lee Stafford...the boy done good.

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