Thursday, 29 November 2018

Ellis Faas Glow Down

RRP: €20
# of shades available: 3

--What does the promo say?--
"An invisible mattifier that sets makeup with a porcelain matte finish, enhancing any complexion with a natural appearance and revealing smooth skin. ELLIS FAAS Glow Down is non-powdery and transparent while feeling soft to the touch, with a veil of natural-looking mattifying effect. NOTE: this is a refill to fit into the cap of the Ellis Holder. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS - Vitamin E, amino acids, omega-3 oils, rapeseed oil, ginger root, galangal plus a Antipollution Green Complex. Use the velvety side of the revolutionary, double-sided powder puff to dust the face. Recommended for each skin type, age or style.
Vegan. No parabens. No scent. No animal testing."
The Glow Down face powder comes in a standard metal pan, with a circular white sponge for application. No protective lid or plastic film is supplied beyond the cardboard nude-coloured box it comes in, so the Case (see below) is a recommended add-on.
Using the sponge (or a brush if you prefer), pat over the skin after the use of foundation, concealer, and any primers. Standard.
I'm lucky that the Fair shade matches my skin tone perfectly; however, with only 3 shades available, others might not be so fortunate. Provides a perfect finish.
Nothing discernible.
--Texture and consistency--
Disperses evenly on the skin without being too 'powdery' in the pan: zero wastage, so great for travel.
--Effects on the skin--
As promised, delivers a matte effect, and helps to cover imperfections while appearing smooth and natural. Over time, one would also expect the ingredients to have positive effects on skin conditions such as acne, as well as having general anti-ageing effects.
--Value for money--
A high-quality product which does what it says on the tin, and perfect for travel too. Mine was sent for free by Ellis Faas' PR (thanks guys!) but I would easily spend my own dosh on this.
perfect partners
Skin Veil, €65
Concealer, €29
Case, €10