Sunday, 5 April 2015

YouGlo WOW Mask

RRP: £100 for 5, or £21 for one
available from

--What does the promo say?--
"Institute Hyalual Switzerland, a scientific research centre dedicated to skin rejuvenation, created the mask as the simplest and most effective way to combine the moisturising effect of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), Argireline (famed for its skin firming properties) and RMCP-complex (a combination of ingredients that include fruit and leaf cell culture and flower extract).  It’s the interaction between HA, Argireline and RMCP-complex which results in such a complete anti-ageing effect. The mask also uses newly developed Transdermal Cosmetics Delivery technology which is activated by skin temperature to allow the ingredients to reach the deeper layers of skin.  This means that WOW mask provides 200% more hydration than other collagen-based moisturising treatments."

The sleek foil sachet contains a mask that comes in two pieces. Each piece is folded in half, and once unfolded, each piece cuts across the middle of the face, just below the nose. However, this is slimy and difficult to peel apart, meaning that longer and thinner packaging would be better if it meant the mask did not have to come folded. The mask itself is made from white and clear plastic.

After cleansing, peel off one side of the mask and place on the face. Then peel off the rest of the plastic so that only the gel mask remains. This is not an easy feat, because the mouth and eye holes are awkwardly placed, meaning you have to fix it to the contours of your face and then push it down so that full contact is made with the skin. Some areas around the eye do not have gel on them, meaning that some areas particularly prone to wrinkles are missed. The same is also true of the upper lip, where ageing can be most visible. You then need to leave the mask on for 20-40 minutes.

Once you've got the white and clear plastic off, the mask itself is a transparent jelly, which leaves a slimy gel on the face that needs to be rinsed off once the 20-40 minutes is up.

A mild, inoffensive, natural scent.

--Effects on skin--
In the short term, skin feels moisturised and silky. However, no real long-term effects were noted.

--Sensation and texture--
The gel is slimy and solid and this ultimately creates an unpleasant, almost psychosomatic 'itching' feeling arising from just waiting to remove it. Does not cool, warm or tighten like many other face masks. It did dry out a little, but still retained a lot of moisture.

--Value for money--
While at £20.99 for one mask this is an affordable purchase for the evident short-term effects, you need to be seriously loyal to invest £100. It's possible that if the brand sold these in patches to target specific facial areas, or sold a variety of whole-face masks for different face shapes, they could sell more, especially as packaging also needs to be looked at for easier usability. Ultimately has potential, but needs work to make it even more marketable.