Sunday, 15 September 2013

Konjac Puff With Added Bamboo Charcoal

 RRP: £6.99

--What does the promo say?--
"Perfect for teen skin & those with oily skin prone to spots & outbreaks. The Bamboo Charcoal contains activated carbon & various minerals that enhance absorptive ability, perfect for removing excess oil. Bamboo Charcoal is also a natural anti- oxidant  so will help fight hard-to-reach, acne-causing bacteria."

The sponge comes in a clear plastic pouch, which has a clean, blue and green minimalist and unisex design. Sadly it isn't resealable for travel, and it's worth getting it out of the packaging soon after purchase, as condensation had already begun to form inside the packet 1-2 days after receiving mine from Konjac's PR. It seems that Konjac has missed a trick in terms of also manufacturing travel holders for the sponge (only the sports sponge comes with its own holder, and they're not sold separately). While the sponge does dry out a little between uses, it wouldn't dry out fast enough between your final night away and your journey home the next day. 

The Konjac website recommends: "Before use, always wash the sponge thoroughly. We recommend plunging it in water and squeezing several times. If the sponge has dried out, always allow it to fully absorb water before putting against your skin.
Gently massage the face and body in circular motion all over, to exfoliate dead skin cells, and deeply cleanse. The massaging will stimulate tired skin and encourage skin renewal. Soap or cleansing solution can be added to the sponge if desired, but is not necessary." This is perfectly easy in all respects, regardless of whether or not you add cleanser to the sponge.

The sponge itself is black and yet leaves no visible residue on the skin.

Despite the charcoal content, none.

--Texture and consistency--
Delightfully scrubby without being too rough. No different, really, from normal sponges.

--Effects on the skin--
Sadly, I didn't feel this did anything for me. I used the sponge initially with no cleanser added, and just felt like I was washing my face with water (the sponge doesn't "ooze" any of its beneficial ingredients when soaked). So I started adding cleanser, hoping that the sponge would maximise its effects. Sadly, beyond the normal exfoliation and slight radiance you would get from using any slightly textured flannel or sponge, I noticed no short- or long-term improvement in skin condition.

--Value for money--
At £6.99 this won't break the bank, and it's an original and eco-friendly way of exfoliating. However, beyond this, I sadly found that it didn't do anything that my normal cleanser didn't do. Back to the drawing board, Japan.

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