Sunday, 3 June 2018

Cindy Joseph BOOM Nectar

Boom Nectar
RRP: 1oz – $54

Organic jojoba oil, organic witch hazel extract, organic rosehip seed oil, organic avocado oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic hemp seed oil, organic rose hydrosol, organic propolis extract, chaga mushroom extract, Hawaiian beeswax, organic lemon essential oil, organic orange essential oil, organic ylang ylang essential oil, camu camu extract, purified Hawaiian water, royal jelly
--What does the promo say?—
“Our most advanced Pro-age moisturiser ever! One drop of BOOM NECTAR delivers the rich vitamins and nutrients your skin needs to look and feel healthier than ever. Made from the purest ingredients, this deep-hydrating skin serum soothes, nurtures, and heals faster than any other moisturiser. BOOM NECTAR quickly softens and repairs even your most sensitive skin back to its healthy, radiant glow. Apply one drop to treat dryness, redness, blemishes and damaged skin cells. Heals dry skin faster than creams or lotions. The secret behind our new serum is in its liquid formula. Different from BOOM SILK or BOOMSTICK Glo, the lightweight Nectar quickly travels to the deepest layers of your skin to deliver the total hydration you crave."

BOOM NECTAR is sold in a tinted dropper bottle.  The label is white with the distinctive pink and honey-coloured BOOM logo.  When I read the list of ingredients and their properties, I thought, “WOW! This HAS to be good for my face! How can one small bottle contain so much?” There is a slight design fault, however, which can affect application (see below).

BOOM NECTAR should be applied directly to your skin morning and night or any time after cleansing. Allow your skin to soak it in for a few minutes, before applying your Boom Silk or Boom Cotton for added hydrating moisture all day or night. You need to shake the bottle well before use and apply sparingly to your face after it has been cleansed: just a few drops to your face and neck and under your eyes. Gently dab it on and then rub in using small circular movements until it is absorbed.  A little care is needed as the thick serum clings to the outer surface of the dropper initially, especially when the bottle is full. I found myself scraping precious blobs of it off my bathroom surface to apply to my face. Once I got wise to this ‘design fault’ I made sure I kept the dropper close to the bottle when extracting the small amount needed.

A thick, quite viscous substance; it is a bright yellow colour.

Like all BOOM products (bar BOOM MASK – see previous review), BOOM NECTAR has only a very faint scent. It smells stronger in the bottle, but this soon fades on your skin - though the fruits and beeswax are the most dominant scents.

--Texture and consistency--
A thick, viscous substance with a uniform consistency that feels silky on application. As with all BOOM products, a little goes a long way.  (An important factor as far as I was concerned, considering its price.)

--Effects on the skin—
Immediately cooling and calming, it left my skin looking radiant, glowing….and quite shiny. It moisturises deeply and any wrinkles quickly diminish to the point of disappearing. I’m not usually keen on the look of my face without make-up (even if I only use BOOM’s light make-up sticks), but I actually liked how my face looked for going to bed.  I do not have problems such as acne or eczema so could not test the benefits of the product for these problems. However, I do have slightly red skin and some tiny broken veins on my cheeks and felt that continued use over a few months did diminish these somewhat. I would need to test for even longer to see if BOOM NECTAR could clear rosacea in a lasting and permanent manner. For me, a good test for any moisturiser is how it makes my hands look. I have always had quite dry hands with marked lines even as a young woman.  They looked old even when I wasn’t! I can honestly say that applying BOOM NECTAR made them look years younger…so definitely a result there.   If it does the same to my face, then it’s a real winner!

--Value for money--
At $54 for 1oz, this is BOOM’s most expensive product. As a result, I decided to treat it as a more precious beauty treatment and used it as a night nourishing serum. The bottle lasted a few months because of this more limited use. Shipping from America needs to be added to the cost some sometimes it is worth placing a bulk order with other BOOM products to increase value for money. International flat rate shipping charge costs $30 and it takes between 7 – 15 working days to arrive. Be sure to select this flat shipping rate option or you may be faced with additional customs charges when your package arrives. I failed to do this on one occasion and was faced with a €26 additional charge (although possibly I had just been lucky on previous occasions as import duties are always a risk when ordering from the US).  My products took eight working days to get from America to my home in the South of France. Nevertheless, it was worth the aggro thanks to the deep moisturisation of the dermis layer from this 100% natural and cruelty-free product.

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by Sarah Cross