Friday, 19 February 2016

Treatment Review: Nouveau Skin Therapy

by Gillian Summons for Bianca's Beauty Blog

--What does the promo say?--

"Nouveau Skin Therapy treatments and products are developed to target and achieve a wide range of skin goals and can help overcome such issues as fine lines and wrinkles, uneven texture and skin tone, open pores, scarring, sagging skin & much more. Nouveau A-Lift is a breakthrough facial treatment that is revolutionizing the beauty industry. Non-invasive and 100% natural, age reversal skin treatment which is based on the latest nano-current technology. This technology increases Adenosine Triospate Production in cells, promoting skin regeneration and improving overall skin health, stimulating the cells to ‘act younger’ and improves lymphatic drainage. This age reversal treatment improves skin hydration, texture, muscle tone, fine lines and wrinkles by naturally producing more collagen." 


On a beautifully sunny day in London, I made my way to have my first Nouveau A-Lift, Non-Invasive Facial Lifting treatment. My therapist, Kelly, was very welcoming and first took time to check through my medical questionnaire - always important on a first visit. The treatment was explained to me and I took my place on the couch for my thirty minute treatment. After cleansing my face, and securing my hair back, we began. 

Every step of this painless procedure was explained to me - all very simple, and for someone who’s very fussy about facial treatments, it was also somewhat relaxing. This is a needle-free, chemical-free and pain-free treatment, so it's win-win all the way for those of you who prefer not to suffer pain for your looks and prefer to steer clear of injecting fillers or Botox into your face. 

Perhaps this could be why several celebrities are fans and it’s the celebrity facial everyone’s talking about. The rave reviews this procedure has obtained means that you don’t even have to travel to London for a treatment: there are over 100 technicians nationwide.  Immediately after the treatment my skin felt smooth and silky. Was it my imagination or had my fine lines mellowed after just one session? 

--Value for money--

The Nouveau A-Lift: Non-Invasive Facial Lifting costs from £30 for a half an hour. Also available is the Nouveau Dermatude: Duel-Action Skin rejuvenation, which starts at £75.

But how many treatments does it take to see maximum effects, and how long are the effects likely to last?” Kelly said that ideally 10 initial treatments, which could be taken over 5 or 10 weeks, were recommended. This would be improved by top up treatments every 4 to 6 weeks following the initial 10 treatments. 

So the A-Lift treatment over 6 months would start from, depending on location, a range of £360 to £420, depending on gaps between treatments. If you started with 10 treatments and spaced your top-ups to 6 weeks gaps over a year, in regional salons you’d be likely to pay between £540 and £600. Sign me up, I want to feel like my skin has been ironed out!

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