Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Mooncup celebrates real users

I have no shame in saying that I am a complete Mooncup evangelist - so am more than happy to shout its name from the rooftops as it turns 18 and launches its #RealMooncupUser campaign.

In its virtual ‘word of mouth’ campaign, hundreds of real Mooncup users have come forward with their diverse stories, celebrating 18 years of the Mooncup menstrual cup, and its impact in smashing menstrual taboos. These stories have been compiled into a series of videos to showcase women's real experiences.

I started using a menstrual cup myself a few years ago now - definitely for a few years already before having my son in 2018. As such, I've used it both before and after vaginal birth, and can recommend it in both cases. Convenient, comfortable, lower cost, better for the environment, no dryness, no risk of TSS (toxic shock syndrome), and a chance to know your own body better. What is there to lose?

I can't deny I had anxiety about using a Mooncup before actually starting to do so. I had heard horror stories about people being unable to remove them. And just what do you do when you're out and about, in a toilet without a sink? Happily, these concerns are all completely surmountable or even just completely unfounded.

Mooncup Director Kath Clements said; “We’ve had an overwhelming response to our shout out to our community to share their experiences as part of the #RealMooncupUser campaign. It’s been such a privilege to hear from so many, telling it like it is, without shame. The success of the Mooncup® has always been driven by word of mouth recommendations, and these days even more are choosing to take control of their bodies and make the switch to a positive, ethical one-off purchase. Many have told us that it feels empowering, all the more so with growing awareness of the environment, and our social and cultural structures.”

You can watch all the stories on the Mooncup blogwhere the 6 women talk about first periods, menstrual cup folds, first Mooncup impressions, and what they love about the Mooncup. You can also catch them on Youtube.

I'm a huge advocate of being more open about bodily processes and how we handle them. I guess being a huge proponent of hypnobirthing - as well as having taught sex education to teenagers - made me a fairly ideal candidate for Mooncup use. But ultimately if we overcome our traditional British reticence and talk more about our bodies, our overall health will improve - and I think Mooncup users have experienced this first-hand, and so naturally want to share their stories so you can find out more too.