Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Bourjois Suivez Mon Regard eyeshadow

RRP: £6.50
no. of shades available: 13

--What does the promo say?--
"Shimmering loose powder eye shadow with a built in brush. The unique, no spills pot and ingenious built in brush are the perfect companion for a professional application wherever you are. The clever pot deposits just the right amount of powder on the brush with each application. Explore the multiple facets of the intense, shimmering shades."

Really neat and clever, and of course great for travelling. It can't be any more than 5cm tall (half of which is taken up with the eyeshadow powder) and the top half shows the clear brush handle through the transparent lid (all plastic). The bottom half shows the shadow and there's a paper strip running round the halfway point in the same colour, with the Bourjois and Suivez Mon Regard logo in white. Sadly there are no refills available for this product, so the whole thing has to be thrown away when you're done. Shame, as the brush isn't a bad quality one at all - good for blending as well as the initial putting on of the eyeshadow.

Very easy. Unscrew the top plastic lid, and pull out the little brush. When you pull it out of the main pot, there should already be a sufficient amount of shadow on the bristles. Spread the powder onto your eyelid and dip the brush into the pot for more as necessary. When you're finished, put the brush back into the pot and replace the lid.

It could be finer, to be honest: even though the shadow blends well, the powder particles seem quite big. Saying this, though, I experienced no irritation while using this product.

Really nice and shimmery with a strong (but not too strong) colour. However, I'd recommend finishing off your look with a slightly darker shadow and/or a liner as I feel the shadow lacks something on its own.

Not great, even with a primer. Just really very average.

--Value for money--
It's fine for what you get, and one pot certainly lasts a long time, but I wouldn't want to pay any more than the RRP for it.

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