Sunday, 20 December 2009

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion

RRP: from £13.99/120ml online; also available with SPF15

--What does the promo say?--
"Skin MD Natural shielding lotion makes a great makeup base, soothes
unwanted skin conditions and gives us smooth, silky skin with no greasy
film. A shielding lotion is unlike any other conventional, artificial moisturizers
because it works with the skin to naturally moisturize and heal. Most
conventional, artificial moisturizers only add moisture to the surface of
the skin, but do little to repair the skin’s natural barrier against
moisture robbing irritants. Continued use of artificial moisturizers can
cause the skin to actually begin producing less of its own natural oils,
thinking that the skin has enough moisture. This can cause skin to form a
dependence on the moisturizer for hydration. Skin MD Natural breaks the dry
skin cycle by working to help restore skin’s natural protective abilities by
bonding to the outer layer of skin, strengthening skins natural barrier
against toxins and irritants that can dry the skin, while locking in the
skin’s natural oils."

A white squeezy bottle with red lid. You definitely get the impression of natural ingredients being used (from the picture of the aloe plant on the bottle), but the idea of this being endorsed medically is not successfully conveyed (and nor, indeed, is it in the usual publicity material: you get the impression more of the photographed human saying "hello, I am an actor dressed up as a doctor" rather than of a competent "hello, I am Doctor Zorg"). The lid of the product consists of a flat disc that you push downwards to reveal the aperture out of which the lotion is released. Easier than it sounds, I promise.

Squeeze out a pea-sized amount of lotion and rub over freshly cleansed face and neck. The beauty of this product is that it is multiuse and will do your whole body good, so feel free to rub any excess into your hands, arms or feet.

Virtually scentless, despite the presence of aloe vera and arnica.

An opaque white gel that leaves no visible residue or shininess on the skin.

As promised, there is no greasy film remaining on the skin after use and the lotion absorbs quickly.

--Effects on the skin--
Immediate softness, although in real problem areas (e.g. the feet) it takes much longer for very dry skin to improve or disappear. I did, however, in conjunction with my use of the Pond's cleanser (also reviewed this month), notice an overall improvement in my acneic skin (soon I'll be able to see how well the lotion works on its own, as one bottle of it lasts much longer than a jar of Pond's cleanser).

--Value for money--
£13.99 might seem a bit steep for something that doesn't exactly display miracle effects, but it's a reasonable price overall for a product that generally maintains a good, healthy skin condition, and I definitely like the fact that it's multi-use.


Rebecca said...

Hey Bianca,
Just to say that after a lot of thought I've set up my own beauty blog. It's still in the very early stages but I hope you can check it out and that you'll follow me :)

Thanks! Still loving your blog, it's so detailed!

BiancaP said...

Hi Rebecca

Glad I'm inspiring other people to blog, haha. Love the concept and colour scheme on yours. I am really bad with taking care of my nails - have loads of nail polishes and all the manicuring kit and caboodle, but just find I can rarely be bothered...maybe your blog will kick me into touch, lol.

Oh, and happy 2010 :)

Rebecca said...

Haha, I hope so. Glad you like my colour scheme, it is inspired by the powerpoints I create for my lessons, how sad! Thanks for following me :)

BiancaP said...

oooh, you're a teacher too? Good times :D I teach secondary English - you?

Rebecca said...

Secondary French and Spanish and Italian :D