Saturday, 15 May 2010

Elizabeth Grant The Socializer

RRP: $40
--What does the promo say?--
"Last night you owned the bar - today, own the boardroom. Two eye treatments with all the hydrating, cooling, soothing, de-puffing, dark-circle-erasing, and illuminating action we could fit in each tube. Bright Lights uses mica, a mineral light diffuser. Instantly brightening, it's the key to looking like it never happened. Late Nights blends peptides & Ulva Lactuta to repair, awaken, de-puff & rejuvenate. Exceptionally lightweight eye treatments dispensed in 2 click pens packed in a shiny, re-useable tube. Twist your troubles away with this carefree tube that’s in every true fashionista’s bag."

Certainly very shiny and eye-catching, with the reusable external tube twisting around to reveal different images beneath of a girl in various outfits, reinforcing the idea that this stuff will take you from day to night with minimal effort. I'm not convinced that the click pen is the most usable option, though, although it is fashionable. I'd personally plump for a rollerball version instead.

Select the cream that you require (day or night) and click the end of the tube until enough product appears at the pen end. Less is definitely more and you really don't need much. Smear the amount that appears underneath your eyes and onto the brow bones and then blend.

A slightly translucent white cream which fades to invisibility once rubbed in.

Nothing detectable; clean without being clinical.

--Texture and consistency--
Quite watery, but still easy to blend in.

--Effects on the skin--
I don't normally review anti-ageing products as I'm so sceptical about their performance (or lack thereof). I was therefore amazed to find, after a week or two, that I really thought that The Socializer had made a difference. I have a few fine lines under my eyes, and I don't know if it was my imagination, but the lines seemed less deep than before after sustained and consistent use of this product. I'm not so sure about any depuffing, dark circle-busting or illuminating action, since I didn't really require this to begin with, but the feel of the creams when rubbed in certainly err on the cooling and soothing side. So even if the lotion fails to illuminate or depuff, I'm still happy if it lessens the look of lines. (However, I've also passed this to my mum for a second opinion, so watch this space.)

--Value for money--
At the moment this is tricky: the price of the product ($40, at today's exchange rate, is £27, or €32) seems reasonable in relation to its efficacy and presentation. However, while shipping is available worldwide from, to Europe this comes at the extortionate rate of $33, so if you really wanted to do it this way, you've either got more money than sense or you've got lots of generous friends to buy from the website with and thus split the shipping cost with. However, don't despair too much, as my sources tell me that this product will soon be available in UK boutiques before long. I'd therefore say to UK buyers to keep your eyes open and be patient, and buy this only when it hits UK shelves.

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