Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Equazen eye q Omega-3 Capsules

RRP: £8.03/60 capsules from www.chemistdirect.co.uk

--What does the promo say?--
"Equazen eye q is a great way to get your Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids. They are called essential because your body can’t produce them so they have to come from your diet – it’s essential! These essential fatty acids play a vital role in almost every part of our bodies, including the brain. So taking Equazen eye q as part of your regular diet may help to maintain certain aspects of brain function such as learning ability."

An attractive design on the box and bottle that uses silver, yellow, white and blue. However, my problem with the packaging - box and bottle - is that it does not explain enough to the consumer about what it is or what it will do. On the front, we are told that the eye q capsules are "a high-EPA fish oil formula", but we are never told what this means or what it will do for us. On the up side, the main benefits of taking the capsules (maintain concentration levels and help healthy brain development) and the directions for use are clearly and concisely listed.

You are supposed to take 6 capsules a day - i.e., two with each meal - for the first twelve weeks of taking them, which decreases to two per day thereafter. This is relatively easy to adhere to, but there are always occasions when you will forget to take them, such as when you are in a rush in the morning or when you are eating a meal outside the home. Should be swallowed whole with water or juice.

--Scent and taste--
None, which is always good. I had never taken fish oil prior to being sent these, but I have heard that some fish oils can cause an unfortunate "fishy burp" style reflux. Nice. None of that with this, thankfully.

Pretty normal fish oil style capsules: they are not too big and have a shiny, golden appearance.

--Effects on the body--
The effects stated on the box are fairly difficult to quantify or measure. My medic sister backed up the claims, saying that they should help to maintain the health of brain and eyes. I can't say I've noticed any increase in concentration or mental quickness, however (if we're looking for things that we can measure and report on easily), and I've even arguably experienced drier eyes in the period of use. The press release that accompanied the delivery of these capsules told an extended story: as well as boosting the health of joints, heart, brain and the eyes, it also alleges that the capsules should "moisturise hair, skin and nails from the inside out and even help boost general well-being[...]boosting nail growth and strength [and] giving a gloss and added volume to hair." My sister was more sceptical about these cosmetic claims. The main difference I noticed was that my eyes, while perhaps drier towards the end of the course (c. 4 weeks), did seem brighter. Hair may have been marginally more voluminous, but it certainly wasn't made any smoother or shinier: I visited my hairdresser about a week into the course and he was horrified at how dry and damaged my hair still was. I have seen no improvement in my skin and my nails are just as brittle as they usually are. Wellbeing = no change.
In short, effects are minimal to non-existent.

--Value for money--
£8 for 60 capsules may seem reasonable at first, but this quantity only lasts 10 days. I was sent two bottles (so £16 worth) and as previously stated, this, although meant to only last 20 days, lasted me a bit longer due to occasionally forgetting to take the capsules. I therefore estimate the overall course to have lasted around four weeks. I don't think that taking them religiously would have increased the effects much, and £16-£20 a month seems quite a lot to pay for something that doesn't do very much. Equally, this link proved interesting reading as to the value of this product, and leaves me wondering why Equazen have not removed their previously slammed claims from their packaging (it is still there on the bottle and box in black and white three years later).  My advice? Spend the money on Vitamin C instead, or if you're really concerned about getting Omega 3 and Omega 6 specifically, just eat lots of yummy mackerel, sardines and tuna :)

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