Friday, 10 September 2010

Johnson & Johnson Daily Essentials Rehydrating Night Cream

RRP: £3.99

--What does the promo say?--
"Johnson's Rehydrating Night Cream, enriched with Skin Essentials,replenishes essential moisture lost during the day whilst caring for normal skin with:
• Skin loving minerals known to restore skin vitality
• Glycerine known to help support your skin’s hydration overnight
Results: Awaken to beautifully soft,refreshed skin.
Dermatologically tested, suitable for sensitive skin."

I know it's not tremendously practical to have a glass jar, but it is so nice and luxurious (and better for the environment too). Again, the pink and white may be a bit off-putting to some. The jar is a nice size, too: not too big. 

Smooth a small amount over face and neck every night after cleansing and toning. 

A thick, white, luxurious cream.

Again, that rose-tinted scent that plagues this range and is its main disadvantage.

Despite its thickness, blends in really easily and doesn't make your skin feel bogged down or oily.

--Effects on the skin--
In conjunction with the cleanser, this did seem to improve my skin a little and added some luxury to my routine. However, it is not suitable to double up as a day cream, as skin seems to become more oily more quickly this way, so if you are going to purchase this range, make sure you get the day cream too.

--Value for money--
Offers better results than a lot of more expensive brands, and provides a recession-proof, quality alternative to skincare at a lower price.

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Unknown said...

Hello Bianca,
I read your blog on "johnson and johnson Daily Essential Rehydrating night cream". i would like to buy one. I am from india. I dont think i can get it from stores in india. please tell me how can i purchase it. If u have any link where i can buy online it would be very useful. Thanks

BiancaP said...

Hello Gayatri

Thanks for visiting my blog!

It looks like your best bet is Ebay - lots of people on there are selling it.

You can also try Brit Superstore - scroll down to the bottom of this link (the product is the third one from the bottom):

Hope you manage to find it :)