Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Arbonne Pampermint Gift Set

RRP: £31.50
--What does the promo say?--
"Nourishing cream and gentle scrub pamper your soles and your soul — a gift of cosy comfort right down to the tips of your plush socks. Set includes FootWork Foot Scrub (Net wt. 12 oz.), SoleMate Foot Cream (Net wt. 9 oz.) and Signature Socks in a holiday gift box."

Apart from the box being a bit bashed around the edges by the time it got to me (but that's the French postal system for you), I have no complaints. In fact, I find the packaging and overall scheme positively inspiring: the combination of the peppermint scent with the red and white stripes suggesting candy canes is a perfect fit for the holiday season. In addition, the foot scrub and cream pots (plastic, with screw top lids) also come with little red snowflakes drawn on them. Brava! All incredibly sweet and festive.

Rub the foot scrub into wet or dry skin as you prefer before rinsing off. Apply the cream onto dry feet before bed and then slip on the socks to seal in the moisture as you sleep.

The socks are quite clearly the most dazzling thing appearance-wise about the entire set; even just looking at them makes you feel comfy and cosy with their baggy, fuzzy cheer. The foot scrub is an off-white, grey-green colour, in which flecks of exfoliant can be seen, and the cream is white and stiff, rubbing into the skin invisibly.

The peppermint smell is there one hundred per cent and really helps to wake you up on those cold winter mornings, as well as helping to calm you down on winter nights.

--Texture and consistency--
The cream is a bit 'blobby' and difficult to get hold of, coming out of the tub in white lumps. While it's still easy enough to blend in (even though it looks and feels stiff), I think most people would still prefer a more luxurious, creamier sensation. The foot scrub is better at this, and still washes off easily to boot. The socks are joyfully just as heavenly as they look, making you feel as innocent and comfy as a child waiting for Santa.

--Effects on the skin--
The socks alone are a really comforting and calming experience, possibly claiming the crown of being the softest, nicest socks I've ever worn. The cream and scrub, used together, also really help to minimise dry skin and restore softness.

--Value for money--
While this appears expensive at face value, it is better value for money than some of Arbonne's other gift sets, with the high-quality products evening out to be around £10 (and a few pence) each, which is no more than you would pay in other more widespread outlets such as The Body Shop. For a unique and wow-factor gift for the special lady in your life this Christmas (or hey - even just yourself) this Christmas, I'd say look no further. Tis the season!

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