Friday, 20 May 2011

Lancôme Color Fever Gloss

RRP: £18

--What does the promo say?--
"In Spring 2011, Dancing Queen turns into a Disco Ballerine with a selection of adorable pastel tones inspired by ballet slippers. Magnify your lips with a dazzling shine. The ultimate Color Fever Gloss has ingredients that are 96% of natural origin. Enriched with sweet almond oil and provides hydration. Lips are generously plumped with moisture. And the perfume... delicious lavender - 100% natural of course!"

A slightly curved clear plastic rectangular prism suspends the violet gloss for all to see, topping the ensemble with a dark silver shiny lid and a small version of the Lancôme flower logo. All very pretty and in keeping with what has gone before within the company's lip product division.

The heart-shaped applicator is supposed to ensure perfect application every time, allowing light or heavy results to be achieved and perfect contours to be drawn. However, this paraphrased bumpf from the Lancôme website is just making gloss application sound more difficult than it actually is, surely?

The gloss I have (pictured above; #385, Lavande Ballerine) looks very violet in the tube, but on the lips gives a much paler, barely-there effect, which may be disappointing for those who were expecting something more full-on. However, its near-invisible shimmer can certainly be enhanced by wearing a light and similarly-coloured lipstick underneath (I use a Guerlain KissKiss lipstick with this).

Simply gorgeous; the price tag is rendered worth it for the scent alone, which for the Spring 2011 range (Beige/Rose/Lavande Ballerine) is a full, rich and totally natural lavender scent which transports you straight to the fields of France. Divine!

--Texture and consistency--
Nothing special or different compared to other lip glosses; it is a little bit sticky, but generally light and not bothersome.

Holds up well against food and kisses; no complaints, but nothing miraculous either.

--Value for money--
£18 seems a little steep, but can seem acceptable given that you are buying into a world-renowned brand and given that the product is not scented artificially but with genuine lavender. However, if you want to make a small saving, Mistrys Pharmacy (online) sell it for £15 (£17.50 including delivery).

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