Monday, 24 October 2011

Kleenex Extra Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes

RRP: £2.99 for 24

--What does the promo say?--
"These soft, quilted wipes contain natural fibres and provide a gentle and effective cleanse, removing your "mask" at the end of the day. They are suitable even for sensitive skin. You can also feel good about using them as they have a lower environmental impact than a standard wipe material."

Standard face wipe size pack with standard peely-back opening. Everything works as it should: the peel-back opens and closes correctly and wipes don't dry out inside the pack. The purple mask is also a beautiful illustration that appeals to me, and as mentioned in my other Kleenex reviews, I love the fact that Kleenex explains on the pack why they have used every single ingredient in a way that's concise and understandable.

Wipe across face to cleanse; can also be used to remove makeup.

A plain white wipe whose cleansing liquid cannot be seen either on the wipe or on the face. Nonetheless, it does its job.

A clean, refreshing, unisex smell.

--Texture and consistency--
Moist without being sticky or overly wet.

--Effects on the skin--
Makes your skin feel really clean, although you'll probably still want to use moisturiser afterwards. It also removes makeup really effectively despite not claiming to be able to do this. Feel the multitasking love.

--Value for money--
The price is right for a strong, user-friendly and environmentally friendly product that really works. Brava!

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