Saturday, 24 December 2011

Aura-Soma Pegasus Perfume 58 (Aquatic Flowers)

RRP: £79

--What does the promo say?-- 

"Light earthy floral with touch of water on top notes; light and transparent, often recommended for sensitive skin. A lovely balance between mind and matter, symbolised by earth and sky, or flowers and water. Delicate, sensitive and highly feminine. Pink flowers, rose, lotus flower and pink jasmine, are grounded with a touch of amber and musk and represent the earthy notes. Aquatic notes, such as Japanese seaweed, dewdrops and wild angelica represent the more herbaceous and watery elements on the top notes."


My sample size from Aura-Soma arrived in a tiny vial in the style of what you can get for free from department stores, so instead of the beautiful pink and blue faded design that you can see above, I had a clear glass tube, through which the pale yellow liquid can be seen, adorned simply with a sticker reading '58'. I feel that the numbers and the names of the perfumes, as well as the name of the line (Pegasus) are a bit superfluous, and that Aura-Soma should just pick one and run with it.

Just spritz wherever you want to smell good, and you're away! Aura-Soma's shower gels and body lotions make a good accompaniment.


Pale yellow fluid in the bottle, as mentioned; invisible on the skin.


As the essential oils used in the collection are, as Aura-Soma's PR were so keen to tell me, sourced from the second largest biodynamic farm in the UK (FYI, it's Shire Farm, in Lincolnshire), I was perhaps expecting something more exceptional. It smelled no more 'natural' than commercial perfumes and smelt a bit 'old' for my age group, perhaps as a consequence of the rose and jasmine that's included. The more unusual ingredients, such as angelica and Japanese seaweed, were as good as undetectable. A great shame, as I was hoping for something truly spectacular and intense.


Again, this fared no better than commercial perfumes, wearing off within a few hours.

--Value for money--

As perhaps already goes without saying, I wouldn't pay £79 for this, even if the bottle is enormous and even if the ingredients are organic. If I were going to pay £79 for a perfume, it is perhaps with a tinge of regret that I would end up going for a more reliable commercial alternative, such as Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb (100ml EDP). Aura-Soma do better with their body and skin care products, however, so there's no need to give up on them completely.

Only for sale in the UK; see the following stockists:
Aloka, 14 East Street, Brighton
Lucia Angelis, 8 Turnpin Lane, London

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