Monday, 25 June 2012

Lush Coalface Cleanser

RRP: from £4.50/100g

--What does the promo say?--
"Designed for oilier skins, this soap is gentle enough for the face, but don’t stop there, what’s good for the face is great for the body too. Coalface includes liquorice infusion for softening and charcoal which absorbs grease and gently exfoliates the skin. The charcoal in here is made by Jim, in the surrounding woodlands of Dorset, who specially bumps and grinds the charcoal to a very fine grade for us to make it suitable for use on the face."

Lush are very eco-friendly with their packaging as a rule, and Coalface is no exception: it just comes wrapped in a sheet of paper, which of course is fully recyclable. Coalface itself is basically like a soap bar, so it just dissolves down as you use it.

Lather up like a soap in your hands, then rub the lather over your face before rinsing off and proceeding with toner, moisturiser, or whatever else you use (if anything).

The black colour of the soap and grey colour of the lather makes it both unconventional and unisex, but there is also a bit of silver glitter on there to make it fun. Doesn't leave any visible residue on the hands or face after use.

 The charcoal smell is evident without being overpowering, and the other most noticeable scent is liquorice, making for a unique, slightly sweet, yet definitely unisex combination. The other scents, such as sandalwood, are not obvious at all.

--Texture and consistency--
The hard bar turns into a smooth, yet not creamy lather, and there are also a few small exfoliating particles in the bar, which you could rub over your face for a quick scrub. Overall a pleasant sensory experience.

--Effects on the skin--
This definitely reduced oiliness without drying even on hot days; however, I'm not convinced that I saw that much improvement in my skin even after nearly a month of use. Perhaps more time is needed.

--Value for money--
This product is pleasant to use, reduces oiliness, and is affordable (the £4.50 paid for the 100g is bargainous as this size bar lasts an age). You're also not paying over the odds for packaging. Charcoal soap is also no cheaper anywhere else, and I know this product has helped a lot of people, suggesting that Lush are really offering something new and different here.

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