Monday, 5 November 2012

Lush Dorothy Bubble Bar

--What does the promo say?--
"Somewhere over the rainbow, baths are blue. If you’re not already a friend of Dorothy, isn’t it time you tried it? A blue skies thinking bath that takes you out of the monochrome and into a colourful fantasy, where the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true. This bath smells so great you might want to stay in there quite some time, so take a good book, a glass of wine and something to munchkin."

Being Lush, they've stuck to one of their trademark paper bags for this one. You can buy a tin if you like, however.

--Usage instructions--
Drop into the bath and watch the bubbles foam up! So simple and fun to use that it's practically child's play.

The beautiful rainbow combined with bright blue is cheerful and basic, meaning it's enough to provide us with the best of childlike joy. I didn't find that the bathwater went that blue, but the mounds of white bubbles alone were enough to make me happy. No colourful dye or residue was left on the skin after use. The bar also kept its shape and colour even after one half-hour use.

The product uses ylang ylang, gardenia and orange in its formulation, with the ylang ylang perhaps being the most obvious. The scent also fills the bathroom for ages after use, making for an aromatherapeutic experience for you to enjoy long after you've pulled the plug.

--Effects on the skin--
After a bath in this, skin is left feeling smooth and soft until the next morning. A delight.

I had planned to luxuriate in my bath until the bubbles had long gone, but after half an hour and decidedly prune-like skin, I reluctantly let the water out, even though the vast majority of the bubbles had stayed put. No two ways about it - this is an enthusiastic product from a passionate brand that delivers on what it promises. En plus, the bar itself had nowhere near run out, leaving plenty for another day.

--Value for money--
Curiously, the British RRP is not available on the Lush website at present, but the product is still selling as normal in the US and France, for $6.25 and €5.45 respectively, and there is no sign online of the product being discontinued (there were rumours of this happening in 2010, but all of the whispers on the wind proved to be unfounded). So we can safely assume that the product is being sold somewhere in the region of £4 to £4.50 (based on the exchange rates today for the prices given above). This is clearly in line with other eco-friendly bubble baths, such as those from companies like Earth Friendly, The Eco Bath, and Logona. It's also on a par with novelty bath bubble bottles for children, such as In The Night Garden and Toy Story 3-themed bottles currently being sold, meaning it's neither suspiciously cheap nor outrageously expensive. Fun, natural, and long-lasting - by all accounts I'll definitely be back for more bubble bars from Lush, be it for gifts or an indulgent treat.

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