Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Dove Original Compressed Deodorant

RRP: £2.89

--What does the promo say?--
"New Dove compressed with ¼ moisturisers and Vitamins E. Effective protection plus care in a little can. Use Dove compressed just like your normal 150ml Dove aerosol and it will last just as long. Dove compressed leaves underarms visibly soft and smooth and feels gentle on your skin. Alcohol free and dermatologically tested. 48 hour antiperspirant protection."

These are really dinky, making for perfect beauty packing, and have a great ergonomic design. The blue and green colour scheme also makes for a really fresh feel.

Now, for some reason this deodorant comes out of the can with quite some force, even when you only apply normal pressure. So make sure you have a door and/or window open when you apply as I found that the atmosphere in the room became quite suffocating.

No white marks. This seems to be something that deodorant manufacturers are getting better at all the time, which is great.

Clean and fresh. Nothing to write home about really.

--Effects on the skin--
As I mentioned in my Vaseline deodorant review, I'm not going to subject the claims about softness and smoothness to extensive testing - who needs that? However, it's non-irritating in my experience, and I like the fact that it contains vitamin E. It didn't keep my underarms dry and destinkified for as long as the Vaseline deodorant though, and as such, while I'd be willing to test Vaseline's 48-hour claim more thoroughly, I'd feel less confident about trying this with Dove's compressed deodorant.

--Value for money--
Most deodorant manufacturers jack up the price as soon as they're within smelling distance of a 48-hour claim, and this seems to have happened a little bit here, but it doesn't seem to fleece the consumer as much as some products I've seen. The slightly higher price tag is arguably justifiable as many people who want to travel light will be willing to pay for the privilege of being able to pack a 'smaller' deodorant when off on their travels. However, I wouldn't buy this once my free aerosol from Dove has run out - it just didn't keep me dry for as long as I would like.

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