Saturday, 23 November 2013

JML Hot Buns

RRP: £9.99 for a box containing 2 Hot Buns
# of shades available: 2 (dark and light)

--What does the promo say?--
"Hot Buns is a simple styling solution that gives you beautiful buns quickly that last all day. They're so simple to use, just roll, snap and wrap. The light, net fabric grips hair gently, but firmly, making it easy to roll and keep in place. And once they're in place, they won't come loose, no matter how active your day. Hot Buns don't just create great buns, but they also give you beautiful curls too - just let your hair down to reveal perfect controlled curls. You can even leave your Hot Bun in all night so you can flaunt curls in the morning – so much easier than using heat. With Hot Buns, enjoying stunning buns or perfect curls has never been simpler."

The box gives a good illustration both of what the product itself looks like and of the kind of style that can be achieved. While the font and layout is not necessarily modern, it is functional and clear. The Hot Buns themselves come in a plastic bag inside the box, which is perhaps unnecessary.

--Usage instructions--
The instruction leaflet inside the box lays out the process clearly. It is even easier to visualise if you watch the short instruction video on the JML website. Basically, you use it as follows: tie your hair up into a ponytail at the height where you want your bun. Make sure the Hot Bun is unclipped so that it forms a straight line. Align the end of the ponytail with the middle of the Hot Bun and roll the Hot Bun up until it meets your head. Bring the two ends of the Hot Bun together and clip into place using the popper. Pull out the elastic from inside the Hot Bun and tie it around the bun to secure it. Gradually then fluff out your hair from the top down so that it covers the Hot Bun. And that's really all there is to it. I watched the video, and found it seemed simple; happily, in reality it really was.

I'd recommend doing this when you haven't washed your hair for a couple of days, as the style will hold better (this is true of any type of styling). Your hair should also be shoulder length or longer. Those with shoulder length hair or slightly longer (like myself) will find that the smaller Hot Bun is better for them, whereas those with much longer hair will find that the larger Hot Bun is better.

As a blonde, JML sent me the light-coloured Hot Bun pack at my request, and I found that this matched my hair colour well. Once I'd put my hair up, it helped form a professional-looking bun, as I had been able to fluff out my hair to cover most of the Hot Bun itself easily. As the promotional material promises, when you take out the Hot Bun you are also left with beautiful curls. I haven't tried using this overnight yet for curls in the morning, but I think it would work, as the Hot Bun is soft and flexible enough to sleep on.

The Hot Bun holds hair in place securely without feeling too tight or causing headaches. However, a few slightly shorter strands of my hair were inclined to come out of the middle of the bun slightly, so for some people, a couple of hair grips could be helpful, even if not strictly necessary. The bun also stayed up all day, which is a great benefit compared to other methods of tying your hair into a bun.

--Value for money--
Even though mine was free, I would spend £9.99 on this. It does exactly as it says on the box and is effective for an affordable price. The Hot Buns also seem hard-wearing enough to be used many times and to hold a style, while still remaining soft and flexible enough to be comfortable. Would definitely recommend :)

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