Sunday, 23 March 2014

Bakewell Soap Company Foot Soother

RRP: £6.95/30g

--What does the promo say?--
"Highly effective on dry skin, bruised, sore soles and cracked heels. All-natural and kind-to-the-skin with active cineols and sesquiterpones that reduce bruising and inflammation."

Comes in a small tin that's perfect for travelling. The lid clips shut easily, so no danger of it leaking. The bright green label is also cheerful and modern.

Massage into feet and calves to moisturise dry skin and cool the affected area. Easy really (although you may need to dig your nails/fingers into the wax a bit to get started).

An off-yellow wax that disappears invisibly into skin.

The peppermint and arnica are very obvious, making for a great wakeup call. However, as this balm also contains lavender, it is also soothing enough scent-wise to prepare you for sleep.

This wax is quite densely packed into its tin, meaning your fingers will just skim over the top of its smooth surface initially. However, use your fingers (or a spoon!) to dig into the pot to make a well in the centre. Then you should be able to get hold of enough to rub into your skin. For this reason, it would be helpful if the pot came with a spatula.

--Effects on the skin--
As good as any commercial body butter, and better - it softens skin really well and the essential oils have their own calming qualities too. Also a worthy rival for Liz Earle's Superbalm, which is a little more than twice the price.

--Value for money--
I was sent mine for free by the company's PR (thanks guys!) but I would definitely purchase this once my pot runs out (although when that'll be, who knows, as one pot seems to last ages too). Without doubt a brand to watch.

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