Sunday, 18 May 2014

Hauling Your Makeup Hoard on Holiday

Whether your summer plans include hitting the beach, showing up in the hottest clubs in town, or just hoping to impress the buff bloke you saw at the gym, everyone’s hoping to look their best during the summer months. The sun is out, and everyone’s ready to have some fun after a long winter. Of course you don't want to look or feel dull or drab - and everyone knows how important it is to have a choice of colours in order to achieve this. It's natural, then, to want to take your complete makeup collection with you on a break, especially if you're going away for more than two weeks - because even though you’ve never worn that exact shade of pink lipstick, it might actually go perfectly with your new bikini.
But just how are you going to haul all of those essential items by plane, train or car? You could choose a soft, cushioned makeup case. However, while it is cushioned, it has no divided compartments, which means your makeup will probably get jumbled together. You could choose a tie and roll case. Though this option could possibly be easy to throw into your suitcase, it doesn’t allow you to take much along with you. And, if you're like me, you’ve got lots of makeup! You could potentially go with the age-old ‘throw it into a plastic baggy’ route; however, we all know that your favourite products are just very likely to get broken or lost this way.

What you need is not just any makeup case. Those at The LA Shop or The Salon Outlet are ideally designed for long trips. Their train cases are actually fold up boxes with separate compartments for your different makeup items. You have a large section in the bottom for bulky bottles and tubes and smaller trays close to the top for lipsticks, eye shadows and also other small items. Durable and affordable, they're the perfect way to travel in style. Now you're ready :)

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