Saturday, 20 September 2014

Dove Caring Protection Body Wash

 RRP: £1.99

--What does the promo say?--
"Nourishment that protects your skin. Our Caring Protection body wash protects the surface of your skin while cleansing. It contains NutriumMoisture with a high level of natural oils and skin natural lipids. The combination helps restore the protective surface of your skin to keep moisture in. Feel the care of the rich and creamy formulation. Naturally protecting, always beautiful."

The predominantly white bottle is calming and gender-neutral, while the hints of gold and royal blue provide a touch of class. The small blue flip top lid is easy to open and secure to close, even with wet hands, and minimises wastage thanks to its effective dispensing action.

Rub into wet skin while showering, delight in the silky lather for as long as you want, and then rinse off.

The gel creme that initially comes out of the bottle is white and almost pearlescent. This transforms into a robust yet luxurious white foam that leaves no visible residue on the skin.

Freshly laundered cotton is the primary scent evoked; the overall effect is homely and natural rather than seeming overly perfumed, so shouldn't interfere with your usual choice of eau de toilette.

--Texture and consistency--
Creamy and indulgent. As mentioned, a rich lather builds up on contact with water, and it stays on your skin for as long as you want it to before rinsing. 

--Effects on the skin--
In truth, I noticed no difference in terms of moisturisation compared to the other shower gels that I currently have on rotation (a selection by Lush, Deep Heat, and Bath & Body Works). However, it's possible that over a longer period of time a difference might manifest itself thanks to the sunflower and soybean oils that this product contains.

--Value for money--
At a mere £1.99 a punt (less if you catch it on offer, as it is at Boots currently), it's worth a shot for the heavenly shower experience this provides. This product's silky lather is hard to beat, and definitely welcome after a hard day's work, a full-on gym session, or a poor night's sleep. Definitely give it a try. 

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