Thursday, 19 February 2015

Ova-coming ovarian cancer with Barry M

Despite periods being every woman's common problem, it's something we rarely discuss (for what it's worth, I'm a Mooncup girl, so feel free to shout if you have any questions about those!). Perhaps more seriously, we don't discuss part of what causes us to have periods - our ovaries. This is serious because it's estimated that 5%-10% of women suffer with polycystic ovary syndrome (and the real number could actually be even higher due to lack of awareness), which can cause fertility problems as well as many other undesirables, including acne and hirsutism (again, I'm your go-to for questions on this syndrome). Furthermore, ovarian cancer is the seventh most-common cancer and the eighth most common cause of deaths from cancer, with five-year survival rates being just 45% in the US (and worse in developing countries). Again, lack of awareness and a lack of willingness to discuss it are factors in how early diagnoses can be made, enabling the illness to be treated sooner and survival rates to thus increase. 

Every little step taken to do this is therefore a move in the right direction. Ovarian cancer support charity Ovacome is therefore delighted to be partnering with cosmetics brand Barry M on its Teal Tips initiative, in which willing volunteers (male or female!) are invited to paint their nails in the brand's new green-blue shade (entitled Pacific, and shown to the right-hand side of this paragraph). This metallic effect colour is sure to turn heads and provoke discussion during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month (in March).

So how can we start the conversation, and most importantly, keep it going? Just remember Ovacome's acronym, BEAT: B is for bloating (that does not come and go), E is for eating less and feeling fuller quicker, A is for abdominal pain, and T is for telling your GP. You could also hold manicure and pedicure parties, with the polish as a centrepiece. And why not ask your local salon to fundraise by promoting nail treatments using this colour?

The Pacific nail polish, from the Aquarium collection, costs just £3.99 - and if you buy it during February or March, Barry M will donate half of the cost of all purchases made via to Ovacome. However, the outcome could be far more valuable than a mere four quid - so all the more reason to get talking with teal tips.

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