Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Radox Creamy Shower Wash

RRP: £2.15

--What does the promo say?--
"Want to transform body and mind? Look no further than the new Radox Creamy range, there to put you in the mood no matter how you want to feel. Bursting with fresh fragrances to transform your mood, try one of the new creamy variants."

The ergonomic shape, and downward-facing flip-top lid, are all practical for daily shower use, even with slippery hands. The white bottle is also nicely contrasted by the bright, eye-catching colours, which also nicely reflect the fragrance in question.

Squeeze a 50p-sized amount into your palm and lather up. Smooth over skin before rinsing. Simple :)

In all cases, the lotion is white and possibly slightly translucent before foaming into a rich creamy lather. This is easy to rinse off when you want to, and leaves no visible residue.

All of the four available scents are distinct and generally deliver on the promises made. My favourites were the romantic (orchid and blueberry) and pampered (shea and ginger), while another BBB tester spoke highly of the calm fragrance (jojoba and camomile). The rejuvenating fragrance, ironically, was a little more lacklustre, smelling more of peach than anything else. Even though the orange oil was detectable, it could have come through more strongly. Nonetheless, all would help to intensify the emotions on their bottles. I always feel pampered when taking a bath at my parents' place (no bath in my teeny flat!), so I would love for that to be available in bubble bath and body butter versions too. The rejuvenating one would be great for the mornings (although I'm a morning person anyway!), and the calming one for the evenings. I'd be happy to use the romantic one whenever I wanted to catch my husband's eye: it's a lovely rich fragrance that isn't too heavy, and one which would hopefully cast his mind back to when we first met (in Paris - only reputed to be the most romantic city on earth!), echoing the sweetness of the Sauternes wine that we drank on our first night together. Sadly I can't remember what perfume I wore...

--Texture and consistency--
 As mentioned, lovely and creamy, and lathers up well. Stays on the skin for as long as you like, but rinses off easily when needed.

--Effects on the skin--
Genuinely seems to moisturise the skin deeply and in a long-lasting way. Very impressive.

--Value for money--
At £2.15 a bottle, it's definitely affordable, and there should definitely be a scent to suit everyone here. Would recommend.

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