Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Philip Kingsley Re-Moisturising Shampoo

RRP: £17

--What does the promo say?--
"This shampoo for medium textured wavy hair, gently cleanses and balances the different needs of your roots and ends (i.e. less at roots, more at dry, damaged ends). Containing wheat protein it helps to deliver the correct balance of moisture to your hair leaving it more manageable and lustrous. Its unique formula contains a natural antistatic conditioning barrier which helps smooth your hair's cuticle to improve combing and condition, and also anti-oxidants for added protection."

The nozzle is quite different to the usual flip-top lid shapes that you see, but is still easy to use and secure to close. The brand name is emblazoned across the bottle, but with no other illustrations or colours it manages to stay quite minimalist and unisex. The colour of the lettering also changes according to the type of product you're using, so each product is still part of the brand family while staying distinct in itself.

As usual really. Lather up onto the scalp and smooth through the hair before rinsing (and repeating, if desired).

A translucent beige gel which becomes a white lather when mixed with water. Leaves no visible residue on hair or skin.

Wheaty and clean; like cotton or freshly laundered sheets. Pleasant and unisex.

--Texture and consistency--
Smooth, luxurious, lathers well, and rinses easily. No stickiness or wateriness.

--Effects on the hair--
On the day of washing, and possibly also on the day after, I do notice an increase in lustre and manageability, as promised. There is also increased smoothness and a lack of static flyaway, with ends moisturised and roots degreased. However, after day 2 my hair begins to feel heavier and greasier, and I can't go as long between washes with this as I would with other shampoos.

--Value for money--
£17 a bottle isn't cheap, but it does last several months, even with regular use. I am always happy with the results in the first day or two of washing, but do wish I could go longer between washes as I prefer to avoid heat treatments (I have to blow-dry my hair every time I wash it, otherwise due to the length it takes too long to dry on its own). However, Philip Kingsley does have several different types of shampoo and conditioner for hair like mine, so I would definitely be interested to see if these are different in this regard. Nonetheless, a high-quality product that generally suits the needs of my hair.

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