Sunday, 31 January 2016

Biocare Psyllium Intensive Probiotic Food Supplement

RRP: £11.50 for 100g

--What does the promo say?--
"Psyllium Intensive is a potent powder combining BioCare's proprietary LAB4 bacteria with psyllium husk fibre and fructooligosaccharides (FOS). Also includes Prune, Burdock and Rhubarb. Mixes easily with water to make a pleasant tasting drink. Contributes to intestinal transit, function and wellbeing, and helps to maintain a healthy bowel."

A white plastic tub whose lid closes securely. Also comes with a blue plastic scoop to accurately measure the required amount.

Mix two teaspoons of the powder (around 10g) into 200ml water and drink this mixture once a day, with food.

The grey-pink powder turns into an unappetisingly beige colour when mixed with water. Most unattractive.

Actually has no particular scent, which is a little disappointing, as given the presence of the rhubarb, burdock and prune, I'd thought it would be sweeter and fruitier.

This is actually reflected in the taste. It tastes of nothing at all really, which is rather off-putting given the texture (see below), as the lack of apparent flavour would be more bearable otherwise. 

The powder turns into a rather thick, almost gel-like, consistency upon contact with water, not entirely unlike a smoothie or milkshake. This means you almost have to chew it to get it down, leading to me adding the same amount of water again for a thinner, more drinkable liquid. Even then, it was still rather bitty and unpleasant to drink.

--Effects on the body--
Left me feeling a little bloated for 2-3 hours after consumption (meaning that at least it might be good for weight loss in the longer term, as you don't feel inclined to eat), and then later, both gassy and constipated. Brilliant :-/

--Value for money--
As far as I can tell this has little going for it. My digestive tract did not feel eased by consuming it, it tastes of nothing, and the texture is unpleasant. I might go as far as sprinkling some on my porridge or bircher muesli in the morning in the hope of seeing some of the alleged health benefits, but I don't feel optimistic and am more inclined to stick to Biocare's line of vitamin tablets instead.

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