Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Correct and Perfect CC Cream

RRP: £6.99
# of shades available: 2

--What does the promo say?--
"Neutrogena Visibly Clear® has developed a CC Cream that instantly covers spots and other imperfections, while helping to correct them – in one easy step. Immediately, your complexion looks more even. Day after day, your skin is clinically proven to become clearer and healthier-looking, even without make-up!"

The orange and purple banding is distinctive, cheerful and unisex, meaning that it not only stands out on the shelf but also clearly marks this product out as part of Neutrogena's Correct and Perfect range (which also includes a scrub). The flip-top lid is hardy and practical, while the image on the front of the tube, showing a swipe of cream, clearly shows both what the product is and the type of shade you can expect. Equally, the brand logo is clearly visible while being discreet.

Apply a thin layer to the skin first, and then wait for this to dry before building up coverage. Adding too thick a layer at the start will cause the product to cake unevenly.

The 'light' shade of the cream, kindly sent to me by Neutrogena's PR, blends in perfectly with my skin tone, which is always a relief given the fact that there are only two shades available of this product. However, the coverage afforded by the product is rather light, too, and thus not what I would wish.

Nothing discernible.

--Texture and consistency--
While initially smooth, creamy and luxurious without clogging, and blends well, over time this dries in uneven patches, meaning that you need to keep an eye on it.

Unfortunately again in this respect the product tends to cake and show up the driest areas of your skin (for those of us with combination skin), meaning that reapplications are necessary.

--Effects on the skin--
A small improvement in blemish quantity is definitely notable, which is a positive point for this product and fulfils what they promise.

--Value for money--
At £6.99 this is hardly going to break the bank, and it has moisturising as well as blemish-busting qualities. However, I'm not liking the caking effect much, which suggests that going back to the drawing board in terms of texture would be advisable in the longer term.

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