Friday, 22 December 2017

Bomb Cosmetics Countdown To Christmas Advent Calendar Gift Pack

RRP: £19.99 (and in case you feel like buying now and opening all the doors at once...or just keeping it for next year...currently reduced to £9.99)

--What does the promo say?--
“Bomb Cosmetics uses only the finest natural ingredients in an indulgent range of
handmade bath treats, body scrubs, essential oils and gift packs. The Power of Essential Oils – These little gifts from Mother Nature are found in each and every one of our products and are extracted from plants, flowers and fruit. They have to power to soothe the soul and are chock full of magic to heighten, change or enhance your mood. We use natural ingredients wherever possible. That’s right, we are changing all our glitters to a bio-degradable version made from plants and we don’t use microbeads either. We believe that neither animals, humans or the environment should suffer for our luxuries. We pride ourselves on making products that not only smell and feel wonderful on your skin, but also look beautiful too and made completely by hand thanks to our team of over 250 Bomb-er Lomb-ers! Moulded, mixed, rolled and piped entirely by hand, our gorgeous crafters ensure that each and every product is unique, but ultimately perfect in its own little way. (Just like you, you cheeky little Bombshell!). We even hand draw the designs on the gift wrap and the decorations on the blasters! We NEVER have and NEVER will test any of our finished products or ingredients on animals, nor do we employ a third party to do so on our behalf. As much as we’d love to extend our Bomb family past the 72 countries we already supply to, we simply refuse to add any country to this list that requires animal testing to be done by law. All of our soaps, candles and potted and bottled products are suitable for vegans, as well as a load of Blasters, Creamers and Mallows. Look out for the vegan symbol on our website.”

-- Packaging —
I treated myself to this Advent calendar on December 1st and, so far, I have not been disappointed. The packaging is fun – I chose the blue reindeer version rather than the pink one as I wanted to share it with my man. I know men can ‘do’ pink, but my husband prefers blue and it looks better in my green bathroom. The calendar is quite ‘thick’, meaning that you get a decent sized sample of a different product each time. Most of them virtually fill the space provided (3.5cms x 4cms – products around 1.5cms thick).

The blasters in the calendar are small hearts and dense rectangles which fizz away (some into glitter) in the bath water (which sadly does not always remain on the skin). All products are lovely colours, with beautiful swirls in the soaps. Some mallows and creamers are embellished with small flowers, stars, or glitter. All in all, the presentation is colourful and fun.

The calendar creates wonderful fragrances in the bathroom as a different door is opened each day. The bath bombs it contains are full of Christmassy scents that smell authentic, natural, and in some cases, fabulously fruity. The tags on Blogger are limited to 200 characters (and a maximum of 20 tags!), so I couldn't put them all in, but they also include clary, citrus fruits, coconut, geranium, safflower, marjoram, carrageenan, and others. As good as the market leader easily.

--Texture and consistency--
Bath blasters leave no foam or bubbles, so if you want that, you will be disappointed.

--Effects on the skin--
The creamer from the calendar was magnificently smooth.

--Value for money--
Excellent value; would buy again.

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by Sarah Cross

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