Monday, 29 April 2019

Poppy Sloane Tres Chic Mascara Reformulated

RRP: £15

--What does the promo say?--
"We have listened!  We have now made this more volumising, whilst retaining all the great features of the original formulation, and it is now vegan too.
This smudge proof mascara is fantastic for its waterproof, flake proof and smear proof qualities. Completely coating and tubing your lashes, this mascara is super stylish – there are no fibres as bamboo has been added to give extra volume and avoid a mess with the added bonus of being anti-microbial – good for eye health. It is easily removed with plenty of water and a little bit of friction. No special makeup removers are required and it’s best not to use makeup wipes or cotton wool/pads – just water and your fingers or a flannel.
  • Want to open up your eyes? Tres Chic mascara lengthens and volumises with a great curling and lifting effect with fantastic lash definition
  • This waterproof mascara is made entirely in the UK. It is not tested on animals and is now completely vegan 
  • The water resistant formula repels water, sweat and tears
  • Sensitive eyes? This mascara is hypoallergenic and free from parabens, palm oil, bismuth, lead, mercury and phthalates. As no harsh makeup removers are required it’s great if you have sensitive skin or eyes. It’s actually best not to even use makeup wipes or cotton wool/pads – just water and your fingers or a flannel. Perfect if you like swimming or wear contact lenses
  • The pigment that we use is based on an ingenious coating technology which feels unique. We offer an innovative formula based on selected raw materials which are especially suited for sensitive skin."
The look of this is really sleek and modern thanks to its black and silver colour scheme. However, I would perhaps prefer the tube to be made of bamboo so as to be more in keeping with modern sensitivities regarding the biodegradability of packaging - or, at least, to have more information about whether or not this tube is recyclable.

It's noted on the website that you can apply this product just like a normal mascara. They recommend building up layers quickly so that increased volume can be achieved before the mascara fully sets on your lashes. To avoid clumping, I usually apply one layer on the top lashes, then one layer on the bottom lashes, before going back to the top lashes and then finally repeating along the bottom - rather than repeatedly building up layers on one set of lashes before moving on.
It's also recommended that you don't use any primers or lotions before applying the mascara, as it needs a dry clean surface in order to properly set.

Increased length and volume is promised and delivered. The fact of it being available in black only suits me as my lashes are already very dark - but people with much paler lashes might wish for it to be available in lighter brown shades (which hopefully will be along in the near future).

--Texture and consistency--
I mentioned earlier about avoiding clumps - but the application technique described above is something I do as a general rule, with all brands of mascara. It may not be strictly necessary with this one as the formulation is extremely smooth, making it easy to apply.

This mascara definitely delivers when it comes to its waterproof qualities. I used it while swimming and even rubbed my eyes, but it didn't come off - a sheer testament to its powers and highly impressive compared to many of the flakier, heavier waterproof mascaras on the market.

Again, as promised, this is easy to remove when desired, according to your chosen method, or even just with slight pressure and normal water.

--Value for money--
This brand compares favourably to other high-end favourites in this price bracket, including butter LONDON and Dr Hauschka. The thought put into the ethics and quality of the product is obvious and it does exactly what it promises, performing well in the pool. Would definitely recommend.

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Jacky Vincent said...

Hi, Jacky founder of Poppy Sloane Cosmetics here:

The packaging is all fully recyclable, including the tube which is made in the UK. We considered using bamboo as an outer case, but a suitable liner would still be required and the environmental impact was going to be higher. Having the tubes made in the UK means that we significantly reduce our carbon footprint with smaller transportation requirements.

We have the recycling logo on the box and in view of your comment we are now making it more obvious on our website that the tubes are 100% recyclable.

We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact on the planet and do like to listen to our customers.

Thanks for your great review and it makes us so happy that people like the mascara. :-)

Poppy Sloane website

BiancaP said...

Thanks for your comment Jacky! It's great to know how much consideration has gone into the brand's packaging choices. I had noticed the logo on the box but wasn't sure if this meant the entire tube, including applicator, could go into the normal recycling. It's also good to know that this fact will be made more visible online. It was a pleasure to review this product - thank you for sending it!

Jacky Vincent said...

You're welcome and glad you liked it, thank you for the lovely review. Your readers can receive 10% off if they use the coupon code PB10 :-)