Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Body Shop Cocoa Butter Lip Care Stick

RRP: £4/4.2g

--What does the promo say?--
"Next time you're hit with a chocolatey craving, try smoothing on this lip luxury. With Community Trade organic beeswax, plus moisturising olive, coconut and sweet almond oils."

A very appropriate cream-and-brown colour scheme is used for this dinky little lip care stick, with all of the information you need on the label without things looking too crowded. The lid is a translucent cream colour and you twist the bottom of the tube to make more of this creamy lip butter appear at the top. The tube is a nice size as well at just 6cm long.

No surprises here - just pull off the lid, twist the bottom of the tube, and apply directly to lips.

The lip butter is a matte cream colour, and on the lips it takes a slightly off-white colour that surprisingly doesn't look at all unnatural, though it does have a tendency to highlight any dry bits of skin.

Luxurious, conditioning, and smooth without being sticky or slippy.

Smells like milk chocolate. Yummy.

Sadly not as strong as the scent, but that's OK.

For a lip product that isn't marketed as being long-lasting, it lasts a surprisingly long time. It even lasts for a limited amount of time after eating before you need to apply more.

--Long-term and short-term effects--
With the weather getting colder, this is a total Godsend. After a cold bike ride back from today's lectures, I put some of this on and my lips immediately felt better. Long-term, lips become visibly smoother and softer.

--Value for money--
While this lip care stick is more on the expensive side than other lip care sticks on the market (Nivea's sticks, for example, start from just £1.68 for 4.8g), I'd say it's worth it for the luxuriousness alone, whereas Nivea's lip care range seems more for everyday use rather than being something to make you feel special. Everything has its place and all that!

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