Saturday, 17 November 2007

Glow by J-Lo Limited Edition Shimmer Eau de Toilette

RRP: £26.00 for 50ml

--What does the promo say?--
"This fragrance from Jennifer Lopez is fresh, sexy and clean. It has top notes of orange flower, grapefruit, and citrus, middle notes of rose, sandalwood, and amber and bottom notes of jasmine, vanilla, musk, and orris. And for the fragrance's 5 year anniversary, it will be available for a limited time with body shimmer built in. With this limited edition comes a personal touch from Jennifer - a new wearable charm made from CRYSTALLIZED - Swarovski Elements."

A gorgeous, curvaceous bottle - much like the lady herself. It's got a pinky, bronzy glow to it that should attract paler and more tanned girls alike, and a small, sophisticated silver spray top. Hanging around the main body of the bottle is the aforementioned Swarovski 'Glow' charm. It's all very attractive and feminine without being so girly as to alienate a whole subset of women.

Just spritz wherever you desire - cleavage, wrists, neck...however, I'd advise doing this while you're still naked/in your underwear to avoid getting glitter all over your clothes.

Unlike most perfumes, this leaves a beautiful subtle bronze shimmer wherever it's sprayed which can be easily blended. I greatly approve, as this is quite unusual for a perfume. The only brands I can think of that possibly also do this are Cacharel and Ralph Lauren, neither of which are especially affordable in comparison. The shimmer is also long-lasting, which is encouraging.

Part of me wonders if perhaps there are too many scents in this for them all to be individually discernible, but they all blend beautifully and the overall result is a musky, sophisticated, sexy scent that goes against the usual fruity, cheap-smelling trend of celebrity perfumes. This is clearly aimed at women rather than tweenagers!

Both scent and glitter lasted excellently. Only needs reapplication once a day at most.

--Value for money--
Pretty good, especially given that it's limited edition and you have the added appeal of the shimmer as well. Top marks - especially seeing as should you want to test the scent, the original Glow gift pack contains shower gel, body lotion and 30ml of the perfume for just £21.

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