Thursday, 6 March 2008

Fyrinnae Rice Powder Face Primer

RRP: $7/£3.50 for 7g, plus postage

--What does the promo say?--
"Our primer powder gives your skin a silky-soft feel and is perfect under foundation or alone for a line and pore minimizing look. This primer is designed to gently absorb any excess oil without drying skin (we've tested this on dry skin as well as oily and combination, with no adverse effects), as well as prime your skin for a more even, lasting application of mineral foundation. Also works under traditional foundation. Contains a large percentage of silica to soften the appearance of fine lines and pores."

--About the brand--
"Fyrinnae is NOT a "mineral makeup" company. We do create and carry mineral foundation, bronzer, and finishing powder, but our other cosmetics were never intended to be pure "mineral" (then again, most other companies' products aren't either--always check ingredients if it's a concern!). Our colour depth and complexity of shades is what sets us apart. Fyrinnae is proudly a gay-owned company located in the US, though we do not operate out of a physical store, and our studio is not open to walk-in traffic. Everything is produced and packed in a clean, smoke-free environment. We never have, and never will, discriminate on the basis of race, religion, disability, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else!
We never test on animals (that would be silly), and there are no animal parts, such as carmine, silk, pearl, and tallow in our products.
About our product names: we like having creative or unusual names for products (let's face it: "Rose Pink" just sounds boring!). Our cosmetics line has many Celtic/Nordic/East Asian/Fantasy names. Some names are just totally random, some come from east Asian music for example, and some are personal references.
Our popular eye shadows: unlike many companies, we do not take pre-made mica colourants and add our own label, or shake two or three colours together and deem it a new product. Our rich colours are formulated by us, some of them taking hours to get just right. With so many shades, we need to re-make large batches (not each colour per order, but each shade is re-made at least once a month, more often for the biggest sellers) of at least four colours every day, not to mention the other cosmetics, and then each "batch" is tested by at least two people. Rest assured that we work every single day so that orders are out the door as soon as possible. We never take vacations! At least one of the guys is always in the studio or office every day of the year, even when the site is listed as closed for orders. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us.

The primer is packaged in a very non-descript sifter jar: clear jar, black lid, white opaque sifter tray. All plastic. No logos anywhere. All product info is on a sticker on the bottom of the jar with the ingredients clearly labelled. It does the job, but it's all very boring. From such a clearly unique company you'd perhaps expect something a bit more special.

The website instructs: "To apply, simply brush on a very small amount over moisturizer (if you use it) using a powder/kabuki brush or flocked sponge. You can also spot "conceal" fine lines with fingertip application." This is an accurate description and I followed it with no problems.

The powder is pure white, with very fine particles. On the face, however, the powder and colour diffuses wonderfully, with no patches of powder or visible whiteness.

Like talcum powder, but without the chalkiness, and it doesn't fly everywhere in clouds either. On the skin it feels smooth, light and natural.

--Does it do what it says it will?--
It definitely fulfils their claims that skin will feel smoother and less greasy and provide a level base for makeup. However, it most certainly doesn't do anything to balance out the effects of my wrinkles and (admittedly very large) pores. Shame.

It does make the skin feel smooth and dry all day, so credit where credit's due. Makeup doesn't slide off either, which is the main thing - concealment of lines and pores is a bonus if anything.

--Value for money--
Excellent value, but it would be even better value if it actually did deflect attention away from pores and wrinkles! I'm wavering over whether or not I would buy it again - I'm really impressed by the natural ingredients and how it seems to let the skin breathe, how it absorbs excess oil, stops makeup from budging and makes the skin feel so smooth. However, I'm slightly disappointed that it doesn't fulfil some of its claims, particularly since I'm so self-conscious about my large pores, and given that I live in the UK, they will ship here but it takes ages, so plenty of patience is required.

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