Sunday, 2 March 2008

Avon Ultimate Age Repair Elixir

RRP: £25 for 30ml

--What does the promo say?--
"Ultra luxurious, highly concentrated light cream immediately reactivates and reawakens skin by stimulating youth protein. Smooth over face and neck every morning and evening."

An elegant (but nonetheless definitely pitched at the older market) gold-coloured container approximately 8cm long, this package sports the Avon logo and product name in black on the front of the bottle, and a dainty pump-action mechanism on the top. The product is released by pressing the top of the bottle. It's a very aesthetically pleasing design whose size, weight and shape sits very well in the hand, and looks great on your dressing table. However, when empty the package is still heavy, indicating that the luxurious packaging is unnecessary.

1-2 pumps is a more than ample to adequately moisturise the face. The hole from which the moisturiser is released is small and it is therefore easy to control the amount released.

The moisturiser is of a creamy, foundation-like colour. However, the colour is not visible at all on the skin.

The moisturiser is light, but not runny, and absorbs well into the skin. The consistency is more liquid than creamy or watery.

Has a distinctively fresh, perfumed, slightly melon-like smell that is olfactorily pleasant.

--Anti-ageing effects--
The tester reported a visible reduction of lines around the forehead area, and also reported that it served as an excellent moisturiser.

--Value for money--
The tester reported that she would buy the product again, although said that one canister only lasted a couple of months, even without everyday use. She also said that even if she wasn't totally satisfied with the product, she would choose another Avon product as an alternative as she has found other Avon products more than satisfactory.

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