Friday, 18 April 2008

Avon Footworks Moisturising Socks

RRP: £4 (one size fits all)

--What does the promo say?--
"Team up these lavish treats for twice the delight - massage on the luxurious cream then wear the moisturising socks to intensify the treatment! (Socks 92% cotton, 8% elastane)"

These socks come in their own delightful little stripy plastic travel pouch, which is a really nice touch. Think they probably come wrapped in cellophane or something when new as well (it's been a while since I bought mine so memory is slightly hazy...).

Pretty simple really - massage into your feet whatever cream you want or need, whether medicinal or luxury, pop on the socks and let them work their magic while you walk around the house or while you sleep.

I apologise for the picture I've had to use for this entry, it really is awful and cheesy. The picture in the catalogue is much better - the socks are white, and it appears that the pink design on the bottom is a recent addition. They've also apparently made another inferior change - the 'old style' socks, the ones I bought just a few months ago, have a sort of v-shape on the top of the foot, kind of like pop socks/trainer socks, which just looks a bit cooler than the ankle sock style in the picture. The socks also get dirty quite quickly. Shame.

The socks themselves are very soft and because of the high levels of cotton, they won't irritate your feet at all. Hoorah.

--Fabric quality--
First of all, I don't believe the one-size-fits-all claim. While I think the elastane would stretch nicely for the larger foot (up to a women's size 8 I'm guessing), these socks would probably be seriously baggy on a smaller foot. I'm a UK size 6 and these socks really sag on my heels (meaning they come off really easily during the night as well, even though they don't fall off if I'm walking around them during the day). They would probably, then, best suit women of a UK size 5-8 foot. Any smaller and they'll probably fall off, any bigger and they probably won't fit. Beyond that, their shape and size doesn't change during washing (good thing), and as already mentioned, they're kind to your feet too.

These socks really do their stuff, both medicinally and in terms of luxury. Recently I had a bit of a case of athlete's foot on one foot, while my other foot was fine. I slathered the normal foot in Body Shop Body Butter and popped on the sock, while on the other foot I did the same but with athlete's foot cream. A few hours of walking around the house later and BOTH feet were perfectly soft and smooth. I kid you not. Athlete's foot = gone. Definitely much more effective than the usual rubbing into the skin and hoping for the best.

--Value for money--
These socks are of course reusable, and despite the slight sagginess and general non-fulfilment of the one size fits all claim, they really do their stuff and restore your feet to soft tootsie heaven. Brill.

perfect partner
Foot and Elbow Cream with AHA, £4 (75ml)

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Girl-Woman said...

I have tried other moisturizing socks, but these look so cute. Thanks.