Thursday, 17 April 2008

Nails Inc nail varnish

RRP: £9.50 per polish; 3 polishes for £20 (save £8.50); 4 polishes for £25 (save £13); 5 polishes for £30 (save £17.50)
no. of shades available: 38

--What does the promo say?--
"Choose any of our irresistible nails inc. polishes to create our own unique colour collection that is as individual as you are! Long lasting chip resist and hard wearing polish for fashionable hands and feet who desire a high shine salon looking finish."

The Nails Inc bottles are very distinctive in their design - clear, chunky bottles, shiny silver lids, cute design of cartoon hands running round the top of the bottle, and the Nails Inc logo. All of the shades are named after street names (usually in London), which is a really nice individual touch. The lids are easy to open and close, with little/no possibility of leakage, and the brushes seem to fan out easily during application.

Prep your nails first by filing them, buffing them, soaking your hands and removing the cuticles gently using a dissolver, a scraper and a cuticle cream. Having applied and let dry a base coat, unscrew the lid of the varnish, wipe off any excess on the inside of the bottle neck, and carefully apply a coat of varnish to the nails. Add a further coat after the first coat has dried for maximum effect, before finishing with a decent top coat. Nothing unusual there.

Perfect - not gloopy, sticky or watery. Just went on really smoothly without running or bleeding.

In the bottles and on the nails alike, the colour of the varnish is strong, deep and vibrant. It's also got a really impressive shine to it, even without a top coat, that makes it seem incredibly professional even when you're just doing your own nails at home.

--Does it do what it promises?--
Absolutely. There's definitely a high shine there and even 9 days after having my nails done, I'm only just starting to think that I should redo them. This polish easily lasts the distance, even when factoring in normal daily activities such as washing up.

--Value for money--
Excellent, particularly when you buy 3 polishes or more. You get an absolutely perfectly polish for the money and it is more than worth every penny paid. The range of shades is also fantastic and there's almost certainly one to suit everybody. It's the best nail varnish I've ever used and it's the only one to give a salon-professional finish. Nails Inc also has its own range of base and top coats, exfoliators, nail buffers and so on, so if you wanted to kit out your entire nail bar in Nails Inc stuff, I'm sure you wouldn't go far wrong.

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