Saturday, 14 June 2008

Aveda Caribbean Therapy Bath Soak

RRP: £20 for 250ml

--What does the promo say?--
"A special blend of moisturizing oils and warm island aromas creates a milky oasis that blooms in your bath—nurturing and revitalizing stressed skin and senses. Nourishing oils condition and soften skin while you soak; Caribbean mango and cocoa butters hydrate the skin, sealing in moisture; and aromas of Caribbean lime, amyris, bay leaf and vetiver rejuvenate body and spirit."

The distinctive Aveda logo lies against their trademark creamy beige bottle, with the Caribbean Therapy logo and design taking on a green and maroon colour scheme that matches the Aveda colours well. Easy to open and close, and doesn't leak in transit.

"Pour 4-6 capfuls under warm running water in the bath. Follow with Caribbean Therapy™ Body Creme."

This is a bath oil and is not intended to lather.

This bath soak turns the water a milky white, which is quite exotic and relaxing. There is no visible residue left over on the skin.

All the different scents fuse really well and definitely evoke the Caribbean. However, they are also all discernible alone too, and it's worth pointing out that this is a more musky scent - not sweet or coconutty at all.

--Longevity of effects on the skin--
Sadly, the scent doesn't really linger, but it does make your skin uber-soft.

--Value for money--
I adore the scent of this, but would probably be more inclined to try another product or products from the range, on the grounds that a) You seem to need to use a fair amount each time (I think 4-6 capfuls is a lot, personally), and b) The scent doesn't really linger for as long as I'd like. Definitely a great bath experience, though, and I'd love to try other Caribbean Therapy products.

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