Friday, 13 March 2009

Estée Lauder Resilience Lift Extreme Ultra Firming Creme SPF15

RRP: £47 for 50ml
available for both dry skin and normal/combination skin

--What does the promo say?--
"See more lift. Feel firmer. 92% of women do.
This highly effective formula with our exclusive ExtremeLift3 Complex empowers your skin to look more lifted and more contoured--faster than ever.
The rich blend of long-lasting moisturisers with super-energised nutrients relieves uncomfortably dry skin and creates a fresh, rejuvenated glow instantly. A gentle SPF15 sunscreen provides effective broad-spectrum protection.
More lift. More radiance. More moisture. Now your skin can have it all.
Clinical testing proves Resilience Lift Extreme firms skin's appearance up to 2X faster than original Resilience Lift."

Very pink and pretty but not especially modern. As with other Estée Lauder products, it's easily recognisable both as part of the brand and as part of the range it belongs to (in this case, moisturisers). In a pot, meaning wastage is minimal (unless of course you're stupid and you drop it). They need to work on a catchier name, though: this one is a bit long and not exactly easy to remember.

The Estée Lauder website advises application to the face in the morning after cleansing and the application of eye cream. No problem with this: it absorbs well and without residue.

Thick and pale pink. No visible residue left on the skin.

Old-fashioned; a light yet intense rose.

Thick and creamy, without a trace of runniness.

--Effects on skin--
It at least passed the first test: despite the strong scent and thick creaminess, it didn't clog my pores/cause breakouts. However, it didn't really seem any better in terms of making my skin smooth than any other moisturiser I've used, though the intensity of the consistency makes me believe that it would have an effect in terms of restoring vitality and elasticity (though I'm not exactly part of the target group for this cream, I suspect, so its use would be purely preventative).

--Value for money--
While this cream is nice enough, and may well do what it says on the pot, my jaw absolutely dropped at the price. In terms of smoothing skin and restoring vitality, there are far better and cheaper moisturisers out there. Even one of Estée Lauder's serums would be a far better investment.

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