Friday, 20 March 2009

Talika Nail Regenerator Serum

RRP: €28; £20
Retails at and at Sephora
Contains myrrh (to purify, regenerate, strengthen, soften, and act as an anti-inflammatory), benzoin (to act as an antiseptic and astringent), and incense (to restore cells and to scent the oil).

--What does the promo say?--
"Multiple wear and tear such as use of cleaning products, nail polish and acrylic nails, age and slow down nail growth by altering its structure. Nail Regenerator Serum nourishes, hydrates and restructures fragile and lifeless nails, stimulates the growth of dry, brittle, split and uneven nails, softens cuticles and heals damaged matrices. Made with three 100% natural powerful plant oils, Nail Regenerator Serum is a natural and regenerating treatment that increases your nails’ potential to grow."

A neat pen-like applicator, much in the style of pen concealers etc that are currently in vogue. The modern blue and orange colour scheme stands out beautifully and the clear top and bottom of the tube are reminiscent of Thierry Mugler's lipsticks. The logo is in white capital letters and is nicely calligraphed. The only downside is that there is a little leakage around the bottom of the sponge applicator, though thankfully this is well contained by the lid and is generally minimal.

The Talika website advises you to "apply the Nail Regenerator Serum on to the base (root) of the nails and gently massage each nail to release the active ingredients." Pretty simple stuff. It also dries quickly, and is moisturising and non-greasy. It can also be applied even if you've got nail varnish on with no adverse effects on the colour or finish of the varnish.

The oil is a very pale orange, and leaves no staining or visible residue on the nails.

Of perfect viscosity - not too thick and not too runny.

A light but beautiful musky scent.

--Long-term effects--
Excellent - even short-term, I noticed a visible difference in the strength of my usually easily breakable nails. However, you need to stick to the maintenance programme that they suggest, or your nails will soon decline in quality again (which may sound like a chore, but hey, you need to shampoo and use deodorant regularly too, right?!).

--Value for money--
For something that ONLY contains the three ingredients listed above and nothing else, most definitely works, and is travel-friendly, you are guaranteed a great product. One tube also lasts ages, and best of all, all of Talika's products are available worldwide. Doesn't get much better than that.

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TammyK said...

I have to agree 110% with this. My nails were HORRIBLE! Brittle, Dry, they would crack into the quick (which is extremely painful), and because of genetics, they would curve under when they got to a certain length (kind of resembling a deformed corn chip!). I bought this serum as a last resort hoping that it could offer some type of enrichment before having to apply acrylics.
I am truly amazed at the results! The other day I was putting my baby into the car and I accidently caught my ring finger nail on the door handle. I felt it "snap" as I pulled away, but when I, scared to look, checked it, NOTHING happened to it! It remained intact with not even a crack! I faithfully use the serum at night before I retire so my nails get a through treatment without being exposed to water.
To anyone considering purchasing this product, it will definitely be worth the money. I realize it might be a bit expensive as opposed to other products that do not fulfill their promises, but it really is "The Holy Grail of Nailcare!"

Anonymous said...

Talika is also available at Canada's beauty store,

Anonymous said...

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